Green Castle Smart School

Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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About Us


What Makes Our School Special?
Our School is a perfect abode of learning for stepping stones. Keeping in view the MOTTO of the school that is awake, arise and achieve, the school instills in the students values of services, sacrifice & sincerity. The institute provides comprehensive education with modern and moral development of the child.
Academic Excellence
The school curriculum builds a strong generation with a sound body and well trained mind with good habits and accomplishments conductive to a full purposeful and noble life to blossom into an integrated personality. The teachers' passion for their subjects inspires a similar enthusiasm in the pupils. 
Country Setting Within the City
With fifteen acres of landscaped grounds, playing fields and modern infrastructure, our institution offers a unique setting in the lush greens. The school is easily accessible from a wide area around the city. Each year we adapt our bus/coach routes to respond to the needs of all our families.
Culturally Diverse and Supportive
Ours is a diverse and tolerant school where cultural differences are acknowledged and celebrated. Courtesy, care and consideration for others underpin community life. The desired ethos inspires all staff personnel to use suitable mix of ‘heads and hearts’ when carrying out their responsibilities while dealing with pupils.
School Policy
Our school aims to provide an ambitious academic education and enable each pupil to make the most of his/her gifts. We nurture a team of highly professional educators who facilitate their subjects with flair, enthusiasm and drive.
Success at School
Academic success is only part of the picture. Art, music, drama, dance, sport, community service projects and over ten clubs and societies create a vibrant atmosphere which helps the pupils to flourish and enjoy their time at school. Every child matters to us. We make sure that our students feel supported and valued throughout their time here.
School Visit
The best way to get to know the school is to visit it and experience the buzz and energy around. You will enjoy the stunning grounds and the ultra-modern infrastructure; of course meeting with the learners will give you an idea of the sort of students we produce. We assure a warm reception to one and all.
Assessment & Evaluation
We have built an effective assessment system that delves and integrates multiple opportunities for evaluation in which learners’ skills of comprehension, expression, analysis and research are tested. At the same time, students also have the opportunity of reviewing their work and receiving constructive feedback.Our tests provide detailed feedback on learner’s strengths and weaknesses in the core skills of all subjects.