Green Castle Smart School

Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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Academic Life
Our school aspires to be an all-rounded institution and is definitely one of the leading schools in the country today. For many years, it has been amongst the best schools for Early Childhood, Primary, Middle Years Programmes and International Baccalaureate Diploma.
Our Curriculum

Our curriculum provides a rigorous, comprehensive and cohesive learning programme that is designed to meet the academic, social, cultural, physical and cognitive needs of a learner.
Sports, Drama and Music are all integral parts of our curriculum. We also offer gymnastics as well as athletics which improve co-ordination, spatial awareness, physical and emotional development. Dramatics and Music are very popular with students. We organize several productions throughout the academic year. Our school has an ultra-modern lighting and sound system to support spectacular performances of pupils.
Early Childhood Programme
During the early years of schooling, a learner experiences rapid development in physical, social, emotional, intellectual and aesthetical aspects. This programme is designed to provide pupils with an opportunity to engage with the world in a 'hands-on' and interactive manner, which encourages an active learning approach. The Early Childhood Programme allows extended periods of time and space to explore, investigate and play, both in and out-of-doors, with distinct areas for reading, writing, art, construction and imaginative play.
Primary Years Programme (PYP)
The primary school curriculum builds on the Early Years foundation to consolidate progress in all curricular areas whilst maintaining the inquiry-based and 'hands-on' interaction. Our goal with the primary curriculum is to create happy learners, engaged in every aspect of their school life ranging from academics, art and sports to after-school activities. Ours is a developmental and inquiry-based pedagogy where learners are guided in their experiments to gain an understanding of how the world works.
Middle Years Programme (MYP)
In the middle years programme framework, educators explore the students' knowledge by helping them to express their ideas and by challenging their preconceived impressions. It is directed at encouraging them to be aware of alternative views of the world. This provides students with learning experiences which broaden their understanding of the natural, artistic, literary and technological world; encourages them to clarify existing views; challenges the limitations of their own visions; enables them to appreciate the differences between their views and those of others; leads them to develop a personal perspective that is broader and more consistent than before.
At this level, we also ensure the school facilities as not only the context but also as an extension of the learning that takes place here. The learners are encouraged to express their viewpoints in a variety of forms (orally, wall display, drawings, role-playing, written-form, modeling, artifact production etc).These outcomes are valued as worthwhile contributions to the learning experience. The environment creates an atmosphere of respect and trust where ideas are discussed, experimented and challenged.
International Diploma
Recent surveys have shown that universities value the skills developed by IB Diploma students, such as, critical, reflective, holistic-thinking, collaborative-working, individual- initiative, personal-organization and planning. In the past year, our students have achieved a 100% pass rate with a high score of 38 points across the worldwide average.