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Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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Added Infrastructure

Added Infrastructure – Our School Campus
Our vast, expansive campus provides us with ample opportunities to enhance our facilities by adding to the existing infrastructure. Since our establishment, our school has not only added and updated its infrastructure, but also played an instrumental role in establishing our sector as an educational hub. In the last few years, with the help of our management and parents, we have successfully added to our infrastructure. Besides well-equipped laboratories, rich libraries and extensive computer labs, we are now proud to say we have added state-of-the-art audio visual tools to our classrooms and several technology savvy features to enhance our student’s learning process.     
Multimedia Centre
To spark the imagination and creativity of our students, we now have a multimedia centre where they can produce artwork, short films and explore photography. The multimedia centre also has a recording studio, so that students can incorporate media into their assignments using high quality equipment. Additionally, students have access to computers with printing and photocopying facilities in this room. Modular workstations can either be used separately or combined for group projects. The multimedia centre also has a large projection screen, so that students may enjoy presentations in a completely immersive environment.
Home Science Room
Students interested in home sciences now have a dedicated bright, airy space to call their own. The Home Science Room is now bigger and has been equipped with all the latest kitchen commodities like a multi-burner stove top, microwaves, ovens, refrigerators and other latest gadgets. Home Science students can now practically experience home-management and practice their domestic skills with full zeal in this new facility.
The Refectory
We have built a new kitchen and dining facility that can accommodate our entire school and staff. Now our kitchen is split into two distinct sections for vegetarian and non-vegetarian, with separate storage areas for vegetables and animal produce.
Artificial Lake
Beautifying our campus even further is our latest water feature. The PVC lined artificial lake has plant and animal species that our science students can observe in their natural habitat. The lake is a relaxing place for students and teachers to read, meet colleagues and even get some much needed exercise from walking or jogging around it.
Outdoor Playfields

We have added sports fields to both ends of our campus. These fields can be used to play sports including volleyball, basketball, football, cricket and even lawn tennis. 
Enhanced Safety Features

We have installed all the latest safety features, which include intrusion alarms, smoke detectors and fire-fighting equipment. The security of our students is paramount!