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Admission Enquiry

Admission Enquiry
Student admission enquiry is the initial process of a comprehensive platform that each school or college follows. Every student, through this manner can obtain required information about a school and its reputation in the market. Our admission enquiry module is specially developed and designed to answer all the time-bound questions as well as resolve doubts and queries of students/parents before they take the final step of admission in the school. All questions related to the school and the admission process are raised and resolved online. In order to make any enquiry, the candidate must first register online with basic details.
Working Of the Admission Enquiry Module
A range of information is recorded about the enquirer (personal details, education and other varied information) along with the nature of their enquiry (courses of interest, origin of the enquiry, defined characteristics and type of information required).This admission enquiry sub-module can only be operated by our school authorities which include the people assigned the task of the admission process and who have implicit knowledge on the subject. After an enquiry is raised, these authorities make sure that they establish continuous follow-up with students/parents so that they are satisfied. They take care of the entire admission process up until the student’s enrolment in the school.
Features Of Admission Enquiry - Defined As Follows:
  • Resolve queries which are raised.
  • Regular follow-up with the students/parents who register their enquiries.
  • Get the detailed enquiry admission-form filled up by the candidates.
  • Collecting and verifying the documents which support previous education details.
  • Confirming or rejecting the candidates after verifying all documents.
  • Displaying online the consolidated report of the selected/rejected candidates.
  • Uploading documents and photographs of the selected candidates on the management system.
  • Generating unique login-ids and passwords for confirmed students and their parents.
  • The generated login is used as identification of the student from their admission to exit.
In A Nutshell
Our admission enquiry system is a reliable and effective module to maintain records of all students, whether rejected or confirmed. It is easy to scrutinize and respond to a large number of enquiries with this system in place. With this module, the admission process is simplified as all information of the students along with other relevant details is automatically saved in the system after the admission is confirmed. It also lessens the manual data-entry workload for the school officials.