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Attend An Orientation Session

School Orientation Program - Bridging the Gap
Thank you for choosing Green Castle School for your child.
We welcome our new parents to the school on the orientation day. Both of us have an important role to play in the bringing up of your children. Your support and commitment will help us provide a positive environment for learning and will aid the students to meet their academic goals with confidence.
Knowing Your School
The Orientation Day is a great day for parents to visit the school informally and walk through it with your child. It provides you the opportunity to interact with the Principal, teachers and inspect the school facilities.
The Principal familiarizes the parents with the school philosophy, its vision and mission and the school policies. The Principal is also present to answer any queries parents or guardians may have about the school. Please do feel free to ask questions.
This is also an appropriate time for the parents to meet the class and subject teachers. Parents are introduced to the school almanac and calendar, text books, curriculum, projects, homework assignments and the system of assessments. Parents may also visit the library, the computer and science labs, review the co-curricular activities offered and meet with the physical-education instructors.
Importance of the Orientation Program   
The Orientation Day is very important since it introduces parents to all facets of the school. Apart from school functioning, students get to meet their mentors and classmates informally. The counselors and teachers apprise the parents of the changes they should watch out for in their child, his/her expectations and growth.
When Does the Orientation Take Place
Orientation programs are held for all grades at the beginning of the academic term. Days are assigned for all the levels and the dates are notified through letters. Parents are requested to register themselves for the orientation.