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Auditorium / Stage

The School Auditorium

Conduct Large Scale Events
Our school promotes new avenues for the all-round development of the students. An important and critical feature of our school’s facilities is the auditorium. This grand hall has been the centre stage for a number of our students who have proved their mettle in dramatics, debates, musicals and other talent shows. The auditorium has been the battle-field of several inter-school competitions and has seen hundreds of students showcase their finest talents. To keep up with the increasing number of large scale events, we have recently renovated our auditorium making it grander and even bigger in size. 
As a central and vital space, our school is indeed fortunate to have such a splendid auditorium. We have held award ceremonies, lectures by personalities of varied industries, one-act plays, music & theatre shows, orchestra-concerts, dance competitions and numerous other such fun-filled and exhilarating programs that encourage teamwork and pride among students. 
Facilities in the Auditorium
All these lavish events demand a set of facilities and technology such that each person in this large space can clearly hear and see everything that is being presented. The physical space of the auditorium is lavish, spacious, airy and comfortable. The seating capacity is for 750 people and the seats are made of soft leather with marking lights around the floor of the hall. The proscenium surrounding the stage is an architectural marvel with detailed and intricate woodwork. There is a 350sq ft built-in podium, where genius performers and great orators woo the audience.  In addition:
The state-of-the-art sound system ensures that each word is clearly audible to the audience seated in the hall.
Noise cancelling acoustics allow the performance on stage to be highlighted.
The all season air-conditioning system adds comfort and convenience to the auditorium’s ambience.
To ensure that there are no external disturbances, the auditorium is sound proof.
Latest technology is used for the light, sound and projection systems.
A luxurious and fancy orchestra pit adds finesse. It can be raised and lowered
There is also a multi-scan rear screen projection system, which is mounted on the back wall of the stage for added effects
Attached to the auditorium are two rehearsal rooms – one each for instrumental and vocal practice. There is also the costume, make-up and store rooms and these are managed by the auditorium manager and three assistant managers. The whole set-up of the auditorium has an international look and feel and is one of the many feathers in our cap.
Access for the Differently-Abled
As part of our philosophy of caring for others, we have placed two ramps – one at each entrance of the auditorium to ensure that our differently-abled associates and friends have no trouble accessing this space.