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Banking / ATM

Banking/ATMs in School
Cash, Convenience and Control
Efficiency and delivery are the cornerstones of the business of banking. Facilities and technologies that enhance the delivery of banking services, in a cost-effective manner, are always welcome. Features like online banking and automated teller machines (ATMs) have changed the way we bank. Today most transactions are done online. Additionally, safe and easy to use ATMs have replaced traditional bank tellers by accelerating transaction times and eliminating long queues. Therefore, to provide the convenience of anytime cash to our faculty, parents, visitors and students, we have installed an ATM machine on our campus premises. 
Worth The Effort
Having an ATM within our school premises benefits us in more ways than one. We realise that more and more students have existing bank accounts and/or access to debit cards. To avoid any opportunity of theft, we advise students not to have cash on their person. Students are encouraged to use their bank card to withdraw cash from the ATM machine, only when they need it and only as much as they need. We advise parents who give their children a bank card to set a daily limit on the card or to deposit only as much money as their child would need. Even if a student loses his/her bank or debit card, it cannot be misused without anyone knowing the PIN number, providing an additional layer of safety. And thanks to our on-campus ATM, students don’t have to worry about leaving the school premises to withdraw any money they would require for tickets to shows or club fees, snacks and drinks from the cafeteria or purchases from the school store. Additionally, teachers and visitors have found our on-campus ATM very helpful, as they do not have to deviate from their route to look for a cash machine outside our premises. Unlike other ATMs, the one in our school is relatively safer than others and rarely do our staff members or students have to stand in queues to use this machine.
An Asset on All Counts
Our school ATM is a huge boon when we are the host of book fairs and student sales. These events tend to be more successful as visitors and parents have quick access to a cash machine, and they don’t have to leave the venue to collect money. We also believe that having an ATM contributes to the financial education and independence of a child. They learn responsibility and accountability.