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Career Counselling

Our school gives utmost importance to career guidance and counselling. It is a collective endeavour of faculty, personnel and school management to ensure students are well informed and placed in their respective vocations. They must be assisted in deciding their future courses so that they are well served in their pursuit for higher education.
Our Career Programme

Our institution lays significant importance on pupil’s self-development, career exploration and career management. We have put together some measures for our senior learners, in order to ease their progression from school to college or university. Career guidance starts in grade IX. At this stage, learners are encouraged to learn about and get information of various job profiles. This helps them to develop an awareness of the world of work.
Role of Career Counsellors

Our school has a panel of three to four guidance counselors who play a significant role in the lives and futures of the pupils they work with. The guidance counselors organize, plan and conduct an aptitude-interest-personality test to advise IX and X graders on curricular or subject choices and possible career paths.
The college counselors provide an insightful direction to senior school learners. They are responsible for guiding all aspects of the college search and admissions process, including the following:
Meet students, individually as well as in groups, in order to make them understand the enrollment process and individual college choices.
Educate students and parents about colleges in India and abroad by disseminating information on admissions process, current trends, procedures and standard testing.
Advise and support them as they go through this process by training them to write appropriate Statement of Purpose (SOP) or CVs.
Help them aspire realistically and choose wisely.
Write an official school recommendation for each student after collating the information from faculty, co-coordinators and school records.
Organizing Career Fairs, Workshops & Seminars
Providing an education to a child does not simply mean ‘minting’ him or her into a graduate and then leaving them alone on the pathway of life. Youngsters need the right guidance for choosing a befitting career matching with their aptitude and calibre. The XI and XII grades are the most crucial years as far as higher studies are concerned. It is also the time when students prepare and appear for external tests like the SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, to enable them to get admissions in colleges/universities in countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada etc. They are made aware of the type of grades they require to enter the course and colleges of their choice.
Many seminars and workshops related to career are organised. We also invite professionals and representatives of a large number of universities. These interactions are held to apprize the students about the requirements for applications, procedures and the various deadlines.
Apart from organizing the college/university fairs, we have also registered ourselves as a centre for conducting the Cambridge Assessment Tests like the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA), Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) and English Literature Admission Test (ELAT). These tests are required to apply to the top universities of UK.