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CCE Evaluation System

CCE Is About Achieving Success
As part of its on-going attempts to reform and better the education system, CBSE launched the CCE system - Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation. The exciting part of this system is that it has an inherent flexibility which allows schools to plan individualized academic schedules within the guidelines laid down in the CCE. Our school has implemented this system for Classes IX to XII as per the agenda of this scheme. We will include the primary and remaining secondary classes as and when the next phase of this system is put into action. The aim of this scheme for the primary classes is to provide a stress-free learning environment and also to bring them under the same holistic programme as the senior classes.

The CCE system assists students in improving their performance in school by pinpointing the learning difficulties and showcasing the strengths. In order to remove the troubles a student may have in learning, simple remedial measures are employed to alleviate the problems. The underlying principle of this system discourages schools from assessing students and their learning capability based on one final-term examination but move towards having continuous and inclusive assessments.

Two-Fold Objective of CCE
The CCE system has a clearly defined two-fold objective. 

  1. Continuousness in assessment
    This means that the assessments will be spread over the duration of an academic session and continuity in evaluation will be maintained.

  2. An evaluation of wide-spectrum learning and behavioural results
    This encompasses not just the academic part of learning but also the non-academic and co-curricular aspects covering the complete realm of a student’s development and progress.

Assets of the CCE System
  • The CCE method pays due attention to all-round development and seeks to strengthen the personality of a child
  • It utilizes a wide variety of techniques to assess the progress a child has made and still requires to make
  • The aim is to seek out and detect the problem areas that may be restricting the child’s progress
  • The system is child-centric and takes into consideration the uniqueness of each child. It helps to build the core competencies and abilities of all children
  • The control of this system lies with the school and it is the sole responsibility of teachers to ensure that each child gains maximum utility from this method
  • Reduces stress for children since it evaluates the child on smaller portions of content over regular intervals
  • The system aims at remaining positive and refrains from using negative comments on the student’s progress
  • It is an interactive and inclusive method of learning keeping students keenly involved in all the learning aspects
  • Recognizes the particular abilities of students who may not excel in academics but are great performers in the non-academic section

Holistic Approach to Education
The CCE system is a well-rounded system of learning as focus is laid on developing every aspect of the child leading to balanced individuals. The introduction of the CCE method is not about undermining the importance of academic excellence, rather about additionally acquiring life skills that would hold the child in good stead in the years to come.