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The Beacons that Lead the Way – School Committees
For ease of administration and seamless functioning, our school has put together some ad-hoc and a few permanent committees that help the management keep a finger on the pulse of the school and its performance. Each committee comprises of two senior student members, two teaching staff and one non-teaching staff. These teams are expected to meet at least once a month. They are at liberty to meet more often if there is some matter that requires attention and sorting out. It is an opportunity for students and teachers to work outside the realm of the classroom, in an informal environment.
The support we receive from parents is invaluable and their insights prove to be guiding lights for the committees. We look forward to your continued support and guidance.
Committees in the School
To support all-round development and keep the children enthused about school and its functioning, we have the following permanent committees:
The Curriculum Committee or CC
They review the text books and learning materials, research educational programs and offer their recommendations on each. Our experienced teachers head this committee and are required to keep themselves abreast with the latest developments in the educational realm, recommendations of the advisory boards and the pre-requisites of the state and national testing boards. Parents are also often consulted before making decisions.
School Building and Infrastructure Committee
This committee oversees the maintenance and sustenance of the school’s structure and facilities. It decides budgets, undertakes the tendering process for repairs and maintenance and new projects. They also maintain the sports complex in the school, have contractor and vendor meetings and provide financial and other recommendations to the school board. Parents with expertise in this field are also requested to give inputs.
Parent Advisory
This committee reviews the issues of specific children such as those with special needs, differently abled and also those who have trouble grasping the English Language. The parents of these children discuss the issues with the committee members to help design programs that meet the needs of these children and yet do not make it apparent to others.

Energy Efficiency Committee
This is managed by students with some help from the faculty and they aim to monitor the efficient use of energy and sensitize other students and staff towards the need to reduce and minimise wastage of energy.
The Discipline and Sports Committee
This committee is responsible to monitor and check the conduct of students in the school premises. It not only maintains the decorum of the school but also executes disciplinary measures against those defaulting. They are also responsible for ensuring that the school premises are healthy, clean and hygienic with fully functioning amenities. In addition, they hold the responsibility of ensuring that all students take part in at least one sport and regularly attend the physical training and Yoga classes.
Ad-hoc Committees
We also have a committee that comes into play as and when required. The Student Academic Programs Committee reviews student petitions and requests for scholarships or funding.
Each of these committees contributes immensely to the life and culture of the school and instils in the students, a sense of pride and ownership.