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Co-Curricular Activities

Complementing the Academic Curriculum
Our school takes a holistic view of learning and so have a meticulously designed skills-based co-curricular set of activities. When the right skills are developed at an early age, a person can step into the world with a solid foundation and a broader outlook. For our school, co-curricular activities are intended to be augmentation programs and range from art-festivals to charity-events, after-school activities to intra and inter-school participative events. Our co-curricular program works in conjunction with the academic curriculum to nurture and develop skills, talents and knowledge in children. The pre-primary classes have their own set of programs which include recitation, drama, dance, singing, sports and handcrafts – allowing them the freedom to express themselves. The co-curricular program is structured and incorporated into the school schedule.
Our aim to promote co-curricular activities is also to encourage students to develop a hobby and interest beyond the scope of academics. Students are taught the importance of a well-rounded learning experience and supported in their choice of activities. We have professionals and experts to run these programs and all activities are coordinated by the activities committee comprising two senior students and two staff members.
Various Co-curricular Activities
We recognize that not all students can be good at or interested in one particular activity. There are a number of activities that students can choose from depending on their interest and skills.
  1. Our Elocution Team makes leaders and orators of tomorrow. Students develop public speaking skills, learn about topics beyond the classroom and also rid themselves of stage fright. We also conduct an annual inter-school elocution contest.
  2. We have a school band that comprises of 50 students playing a variety of musical instruments. They perform at inter and intra-school functions and also the Sports’ Day.
  3. Regular excursions, field trips and educational tours are arranged for our students. These trips help them relate, what they have studied in the classroom, to the real world.
  4. Scouting is another interesting program for the children. The groups go for camping and hiking trips at least once a year and learn survival techniques like cooking, tent building, burning and putting out campfires and other craft useful while camping. These trips are meticulously supervised and are conducted by trained army personnel.
  5. We offer a range of games and sports in our school. These games include basketball, volleyball, badminton, cricket, hockey, football, table-tennis, boxing, squash, chess and athletics. We also have summer and winter camps for these games.
  6. Art is encouraged in our school. Drawing, painting, sketching, pottery, handicrafts allow students to express their talents and feelings.
  7. The school magazine is a treasure of insights and candid pictures showing lives of our children and staff in school. The students play a major role in collecting, collating and editing the articles. We have contributions from our little ones in the pre-primary and primary classes. The designing and printing of this ‘jewel’ is also managed by the students. The staff members are on the committee for support and advice only.
  8. Creativity workshops showcase the imaginative talents of our students – writing, poetry, photography and handicrafts are some of the many.
We urge parents to encourage their children to take part in at least one activity. Each child is capable of creating greatness and our thorough and detailed co-curricular program ensures that no child is left behind.