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Competitive Exams

Striding Forward With Confidence – Competitive Examinations
The energetic and self-motivated learning environs of our school urge and enable students to bond with the world outside of the school premises. The competitive examinations at the school facilitate and expedite the building of this connection.  Our school gives it students the necessary assistance required for these examinations by providing opportunity, additional coaching and training. Our teachers and faculty are exceptionally trained and experienced providing students with the best training possible. We are aware of the importance of both entrance and competitive examinations in order to achieve success in one’s career. Students are encouraged to work hard and smart and prepare for important milestones in their future.
List of Competitive Examinations

Students are egged on to take at least one of these examinations to ascertain their level of expertise in a particular subject and also gain insight into the testing methods used for entrances in various fields. We implore parents to guide and assist their children in the preparation of the chosen examination. The dates of the examinations are provided in the detailed examination brochure. These dates are subject to change if the conducting authorities so deem. 
National Talent Search Exam conducted by the Directorate of Education – Class VIII
National Cyber Olympiad,  International Mathematic Olympiad  & National Science Olympiad conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation – Classes III-XII
International English Olympiad and Regional Maths Olympiad conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation – Classes VI to XII
IBT conducted by Australian Council for Educational Research – Classes III-X
All India Talent Search Examination by Children’s Education Trust – Classes V-XII
ASSET Conducted By Educational Initiatives – Classes III-XII
Junior Science Talent Search Examination conducted by NCERT – Class IX
Books and Fee
Students may purchase the books for these examinations from anywhere they wish. These can be made available in the school bookshop upon request and payment.
Fee for these exams must be paid at the school via cheque only. Parents are requested to state the name of the examination, name of the child, class, section as well as the mobile number behind the cheque. 

Additional Coaching
For students appearing for the State Government School Scholarship Examinations, the school conducts extra coaching classes for classes IV and VII. Please contact the school office for fee and time related details. Sample question papers are readily available at the school library and students can avail this facility on every Saturday. Please contact the librarian or assistant librarian for any help you may require.