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Building Strategies to Move Forward Together
Our school prides itself on being a forerunner in preparing its students for life by equipping them with the necessary skills and mind-set they would require to face the challenges of the real world. We take pleasure in collaborating with parents and other organizations to provide our students with the necessary support they would need to move ahead in life and emerge winners.
To meet this end and also to help new parents establish an equitable and amicable relationship with the school, we have regular conferences, amongst other programs. Our school has a diverse culture and welcomes students and their parents from various nationalities and also from every part of our country. It is essential for the school to meet with them in conferences to allay any fears and apprehensions they may have. For our teachers, we organize international conferences to motivate them and provide new learning grounds, the techniques of which they utilize in their teaching methods.
List of Conferences Held
Not only do we conduct conferences on our own initiative, we also encourage both students and parents to suggest conference topics that would be of interest to a large cross-section of both these groups. It is an opportunity to create a collaborative partnership with the school that benefits both sides.
The Parent Teacher Conference
This is held once every quarter and the schedule is provided to the parents and published on the website at the start of the school year. This allows parents to prepare questions and also make time to attend these important interactions. Parents are free to raise any issues related to the school and also with regard to their child’s performance here. Teachers provide guidance to parents for children who may be struggling and also help with pointers for parents to help them at home and endow an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. These exchanges have received accolades and overwhelming support from parents and are among the most important events in the school.
Student Forum
This runs for a week and is conducted by a body of students selected from various schools. Participating schools are represented by at least 2 senior students from each school. These students are chosen both on their academic and non-academic performances and are responsible for arranging lectures by renowned personalities in the fields of science, politics, economics, commerce and management. These world leaders speak to the students on socially relevant topics that are aligned to future trends and also answer questions raised by students at the end of each session. Based on their participation, 10 students are chosen to have one-on-one interactions with these great leaders for further insights. We are proud to say that our students have been repeatedly chosen for these close encounters. This conference is held in venues across the world, chosen by the student body and the Education Directorate. We fund half the amount of the expenses for our students, while parents invest the remainder.
Foreign Student Exchange Conference
This involves hosting students from other countries as well as sending ours to them for exchange programs. This conference is aimed at allowing students to enjoy a unique academic experience mixed with cultural and social interactions. The school selects a partner for the foreign student who acts as a buddy and also allows the foreign student to live in their home for the duration of the conference. We have observed this exchange program as greatly beneficial to the children since it exposes them to different cultures, cuisines, traditions and family set-ups.
These conferences are helpful and assist us to raise mature and confident students ready to face the outside, grown-up world.