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Counselling Services

Counseling Services - a Strong Support for the School Goer
Going to school is the first big step in a child’s life. In-fact, it is this gigantic stride which brings the child into a totally different world. Most parents give different versions of this institution to their wards. In this scenario, the counselors step in to advice and assist students and their families. Not only this, they provide a confidential space that allows children to explore issues they may have.
Qualifications of Counselors
They are not just well-meaning individuals. They have a degree in Psychology with post graduate qualifications in school-counseling.
Role of Counselors
Counselors guide and help parents or guardians to make decisions related to their child’s education. They make an assessment of a student’s attitude towards learning. Whether working with students, parents, guardians or teachers, school counselors will explain how they work. They listen carefully to what is said, help clarify options and encourage informed decision-making. School-counseling is a confidential service. The counselors will check with students, parents and teachers before passing on information about a child to others. It is necessary for parents and guardians to make an appointment for meeting the counsellor. Counseling in a school promotes emotional and social growth of children.
Need For Counseling
Like most of us, children also find that their ability to concentrate is affected when they are trying to deal with difficult issues. Allowing them some safe and discreet space to explore these issues will enable them to achieve their full potential both personally and academically. A student’s reason for meeting counselors may revolve around issues like handling school-work, conflict with friends, being in trouble at school or just feeling low. Parents can seek advice from school-counselors about their child’s school progress, educational options including access to special education services.
Benefits of Counseling
It helps to improve a child’s self-esteem. Peer relationships can become better. The achievement graph takes an upward swing. Guided by able counselors, a child’s ability to respond quickly in a crisis also receives impetus. Counseling offers the opportunity to talk to someone who will listen in a supportive and non-judgmental manner. Counsellors help to develop positive and coping strategies so that youngsters find a voice. Strengthened by this attitude, children are able to build strong relationships at home and school. This approach lifts many a burden from the youngster’s mind. Instead of being weighed down, he can walk with a spring in his step.