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Criteria For Awards

Our Criteria for Awards
Since the start of our educational journey in 1994, our mission has been to continuously promote learner achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access for knowledge. We consistently encourage and applaud the abilities of our learners in the elementary, middle and high school. We have several categories of awards and distinctions not only for the learners, alumni but also for the faculty, such as the Chairperson’s Award, Principal’s Award, Best Alumni Award and Best Mentor Award etc.
Our School Review Committee comprising of members from the school management, board of trustees and senior faculty have set certain parameters and guidelines that enable school personnel to use assessment and evaluation tools in developing award criteria that is fair and applicable to all learners, alumni and mentors.
Chairperson’s Award for Academic Excellence
Obviously, the primary indicator of excellence lays great importance on high over-all academic proficiency. The school management also considers, as part of the criteria, activities in which a student demonstrates high motivation, initiative, integrity, intellectual-depth, leadership qualities, exceptional judgment and/or outstanding attendance. It is imperative that these features must bear some relationship to the academic performance of a student.
Principal’s Award in Educational Excellence
It is meant to encourage and reward students who work hard and give their best effort in school, often in the face of special obstacles to their learning. This award is given at the Principal's discretion based on the criteria developed at school. This criterion clearly reflects the purpose of the award. A pupil must demonstrate unusual commitment to learning in academics despite various obstacles; achieve high scores or show outstanding growth, improvement, commitment or intellectual development in particular subjects, such as English, Math and Science; display proficiency in the arts such as music or theater.
Criteria for Alumni Award
The candidate for Alumni Award must possess a progressive and prominent record of career success as an educator involved in administrative, teaching, research and/or testing positions with schools, agencies and organizations. Research and academic merits of success at the state, regional, national or international level are also considered.  An Alumnus/Alumna’s research papers, publications, and/or the innovative use of media (i.e. podcasts, videos, dramatic presentations, etc.) that promote education are thoroughly vetted by the school management. On occasion, the award is bestowed to an alumnus/alumna who has had a particularly outstanding career outside of education, but whose career clearly benefited from study in our school.
Criteria for Mentor Award
Our institution acknowledges excellence not only in career successes among its alumni, but also in dedication and contributions teachers make to the society. The candidacy for this award requires a demonstrated commitment to the continued advancement and success of the school. The recipients must also exhibit their excellence as educators over a sustained period of time. They must display an outstanding teaching effectiveness both within and outside the classroom. Their ability to inspire, promote, and sustain the intellectual development of students must be evident in fostering critical thinking and challenging students to independent inquiry.