Green Castle Smart School

Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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Curriculum & Syllabus

Our Curriculum
Our school has adopted a futuristic curriculum to impart 21st century skills in order to engage students in a life-long learning process as they become confident and competent global citizens.
While there has been a strong focus on integrating formal with informal learning, our purpose primarily has been to support learners acquire the necessary life skills for inter-disciplinary thinking, critical thinking and problem solving. It is our endeavour to prepare our learners for the ever-changing uncertainties of the world.
We believe that education is not just about academics, but a fun-filled process where pupils explore a plethora of exciting subjects through active participation and demonstration.
A lot of our collective effort has always been on an all-round and balanced development of cognitive, affective and psychomotor abilities along with music, art, dance, drama and other creative pursuits.
Our teaching methodology incorporates an integrated, holistic approach to learning that promotes a balance of academics and experience. Mental and physical development, fine arts and performing arts, skills and creativity, ethics and entrepreneurship are an integral part of learning.
To help learners remain current and competitive in a developing society, our global curriculum offers the best practices adopted worldwide in the empowerment of knowledge.
Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
We follow the CBSE curriculum that encourages pupils to be participative, demonstrative and proactively engage in ‘learning by doing’. Moreover, CBSE follows a policy of thorough and continuous curriculum changes by integrating new subjects such as adolescent education, life-skills and value-based education to enhance learners’ exposure to the current issues facing the world.
Our curriculum structure and delivery encourage students to continually discover and hone their skills in diverse areas. The school's unique performance-measuring metrics track monitors each child's evaluation in the formative and summative assessments. Parents can also access our web-portal to keep an eye on their ward’s progress.
Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation
Assessment for CBSE classes is based on the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system. It comprises of four formative and two summative assessments. In classes IX and XI, pupils are expected to take PSA - Problem Solving Assessment, OTBA - Open Text Book Assessment along with ASL -Assessment in Speaking and Listening.

Subjects Offered from Class I
The students are tutored in English; Second language-Hindi; Third language- Punjabi / French / Hindi / Sanskrit/German/Regional Language (for Classes VI to VIII only), Mathematics, Social Science and Information Technology (as an additional subject for Classes IX and X)
Class XI &XII
CBSE offers Classes XI and XII with total term duration of two years. The course culminates with Class XII Board Examination (All India Senior School Certificate Examination - AISSCE) in the month of March every year. Students have to appear for examinations in five (V) subjects including one language, i.e. English.

Science Stream
In this stream, our pupils have the option of taking English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 
Commerce Stream
In order to pursue their career in Commerce, higher secondary learners can take English, Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy.
Humanities Stream

In this section, students have a wider range of subjects to opt from such as English Core, English Elective, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, History, Geography and Physical Education.