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Excursions – Building Attentive Minds
At our school we are dedicated to awakening innate intelligence in our students and teachers alike. An essential component to awakening this intelligence is an attentive mind and we are aware that this state of mind cannot be forced. This is why we see our school excursions as an essential part of our curriculum. It is on these trips that students get to explore, interact with new surroundings and peers, while revelling in the joy of discovery. We see school trips as an indispensable part of the broader category of outdoor learning opportunities. It helps children face a range of obstacles and have a significant impact on their personal development.
Planned With a Purpose
Students are always looking forward to getting out of the classroom. Besides them getting to visit places they might not otherwise see combined with the opportunity of learning through travel, school excursions also offer relief from the drudgery of academic learning. Teachers too can interact and observe their pupils in a more informal structure. This is the reason we see our school excursions as so much more than putting students on a bus and just taking them somewhere. All our excursions are well planned, carefully organised and curriculum based, deepening understanding of concepts taught in the classroom. Every school outing has a tailor made itinerary that enriches the curriculum through first-hand experience. Our students are able to appreciate subjects like history, geography and science from a more ‘active’ perspective. We ensure that our school excursions have a natural, dynamic environment as a learning venue that matches students’ natural inclination to learn more and engages even those with short attention spans. Additionally, school excursions create more permanent ‘episodic memories', helping students retain information for longer periods of time.
Escaping from the everyday humdrum of the classroom allows our students to spend time with each other and their teachers in a new, invigorating setting. Even students that are usually unengaged, interact positively with classmates. This is because they are able to connect more personally, free from the constraints of the regular school day. Learning outside the classroom also contributes to improving a child’s personal, social, and emotional development. Excursions also teach our students to travel in a group, in public and to be respectful of the places they visit.
Places We Visit
Our school holds excursions to places like planetariums, zoos, botanical gardens, museums and even factories, dairy plants and laboratories.