Green Castle Smart School

Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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Function & Events

Studies have found that youngsters do best when their parents help them with homework, emphasize the importance of education and attend school events. Most children with supportive parents tend to outperform pupils at good schools whose parents take little interest in their education.
It has been observed that young individuals acquire a personal identity, gain knowledge, learn language and social skills required to interact with others. Again, they do not solely learn from the academic curriculum but with their exposure to communal interactions. Our school calendar is interspersed with academic, sports and social events ranging from initiation ceremony to the Founders’ Day.

Entrance Ceremony
The school year begins in April. The new entrants and their parents attend the Orientation Ceremony, where they are addressed by the principal and teachers about what they may expect of the school. Young pupils are always excited at the prospect of embarking on the adventures of school life.
Open House
The school organises an Open-House four times a year. It is specially catered for parents in order to give them an overview of the school’s programmes and curriculum. This way they can make well-informed decisions regarding education for their wards.
Founder’ Week Festivities
At our school, we have a seven-day long celebration to honour the traditions and legacy of our founders. Each day of the week signifies the extraordinary values and principles of the institution. We also ensure that every child is involved in an activity/activities leading up to the main function on the final day. The audiences are often floored with an extravagant evening of musical and cultural experience.
Brain Waves
Brain Wave engages students with a fun and hands-on experience where science and the forces at work in our environment, come to life. This is an annual feature wherein participants from schools in the region are invited to design a gadget that uses at least two types of energy.

Original Exhibits
This is an event aimed at presenting the pupils’ artistic and academic skills. The learners invite their friends and parents and spend two full days introducing their various works in exhibitions. There are also performances such as the singing and instrumental contest among participants from different classes.

Exciting Excursion
The highlight of the year for our learners is their four day school excursion to any tropical country in South-East Asia. Not only do they gain valuable experience by visiting traditional places and seeing the customs there but also gain an insight into the responsibilities of communal living.
Sports Day
It is one of the most significant fixtures of the year. Most of our students look forward to this day as it honours and awards them for their sportsmanship, endeavour, resilience and zeal.
Sketch-Art Gala
We engage our learners to expose themselves to the wealth of photographic challenges and opportunities - from capturing fast moving objects to framing the perfect brightly coloured still shot. They are encouraged to use multi-media to create a brochure, an ad or poster to promote their institution. The best sketches are a part of our promotional material.