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General Admissions Instructions

Welcoming New Students – The Admissions Policy 
Our school reviews its admissions process regularly in a bid to incorporate the ever changing global pre-requisites. The Admissions Policy approved last year by the Board of Directors and Trustees is governed by the current process. It is based on the criteria for admission, the capability of the aspirants to exhibit that they would fit into the diverse character of the school and adequately benefit from the teaching methods provided by us. Our school uses English as the medium of instruction and all applicants must demonstrate fluency in the language or an innate ability to acquire the fluency in a short time thereby saving them disruptions in their study schedule. If English is an additional language for some aspirants, they would need to determine their proficiency in it through an oral and written test.
Aspirants are evaluated through a strict appraisal process, which includes a written test, face to face interactions and an evaluation of the academic and relevant reports for the class to which admission is sought. In case of school transfer, the original school leaving and character certificate would form part of these reports. Detailed instructions are provided in the application forms and parents/guardians are requested to read these carefully.

Ranking Admission in Order of Priority
Given the large number of applications we receive for a limited number of seats, we have prioritised the admissions based on the following:-
Our school has partnered with several corporates and other entities, which serve the school’s best interests and are also in legal compliance with the Indian laws and by-laws. They must also match the values, goals and mission of our school and we are glad to offer admission on priority to the children of employees of such organizations. However, the decision on whether to admit or not rests with the Board of Directors and Trustees and the entrance process would follow the admission policy. It would also be subject to availability of space in the requested class at the time of admission.
Preference is given to the brothers and sisters of students currently studying with us.  We firmly believe that families must get time and holidays together hence siblings of our students are top priority in their respective categories.
Former Students
We give significant importance to the children of our alumni and these children are moved ahead of other applications in their particular group. However, this is given lesser weight than siblings. 

Children of Our Teachers
We strongly believe that staff members ought to feel comfortable at all times. Their children are almost always accepted unless we find serious issues. We are committed to employing and retaining the best staff for our school and this is one way to ensure the same. However, this arrangement has to be agreed upon and signed by the Director of the school before getting into an employment contract with the staff member.
Final Note
The school expects all parents and guardians to fully accept the school’s admission policy and affirm agreement. We request everyone to go through the policy and admission criteria mentioned in detail on the school website to avoid any inconvenience and misunderstanding.