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Guidance & Counselling Cell

Change in Attitudes

Guidance and counselling is an integral part of schools. They play a major part in ensuring the health and vitality of schools. Counsellors are the link between the student, school and the home.
The Role of the Counsellor
The role and importance of the counsellor has undergone a tremendous change in the past few years. Whereas earlier taking help of a counsellor was for the ‘weak minded’, today the counsellor coordinates all academic and co-curricular activities in schools. The counsellor is the guide and mentor of the students and staff alike, ensuring productivity, development and preventive measures. The school, through the counsellor, helps to positively influence all its stakeholders.
Guidance Activities – Where Knowledge is Power
Activities in school are integrated into the student curriculum so that students gain through experiential learning. The counsellor works along with the school staff to ensure that equal opportunities are given to all students. The students through these activities learn better and deeper, understand concepts and learn to apply them to enhance classroom learning.
We Begin Young

Guidance begins while children are still in their formative years. Initial activities keep them engaged in class while fostering learning. They learn the value of friendship, caring, sharing and teamwork. The little ones learn to listen and follow directions. It’s in doing that they learn lessons in friendship and with games they learn the strength in cooperation and bonding.
Me and Myself
The main focus of the counsellor is the student. Education is the comprehensive development of the student in all aspects. Apart from academic development, equal attention is given to personal growth and care beyond school.
  • Academic development involves planning the academic path of the student, supporting them through the academic career, keeping track of their progress and reviewing their achievements. The counsellor keeps in touch with the teaching staff and the parents to ensure the student gets support in class and at home.
  • Personal Development is a confidence building exercise that helps raise self-esteem. Every child has a different potential and the counsellor helps students to understand this. Students are taught to enhance positive strengths, develop emotionally and most importantly learn to understand that it is okay to be different.
  • Letting Go is the hard part for the student. They have been guided along through their years in school and the counsellor makes sure that no child is left in the lurch. From college admissions to career options, to writing applications for admissions - the hand-holding continues until after the final exams are over.
I Know, I Can, I Will
At the end of the day we want every child to know their worth. Students under our care are taught to be emotionally strong and have the courage to stand up for themselves. They should have learnt to be creative, take decisive action, focus on their goals, have a positive approach and be willing lifelong learners. It’s now we let go off them gently and are confident that they will find their place under the sun