Green Castle Smart School

Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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Our economic future depends on a skilled, educated and an enlightened workforce who is able to take advantage of the new knowledge-based industries. A decent education is also the best guarantee of a life, free from unemployment, crime, drugs, and poverty.
We believe buildings alone do not make a school; it is engaging infrastructure that supports the creation of a quality learning environment.
Our school has one of the most impressive campuses in the region - an expansive piece of land incorporating vast green spaces, purpose built facilities and magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. Our junior school campus incorporates a brand new and state-of-the-art building. The senior school is housed in a series of architecturally impressive buildings and modern additions. It is in close proximity to the lush grass playing-fields that lie in the centre of the campus.  
Stimulating Environs
Our institution combines a thoroughly modern 21st century outlook with a respect for the environment that physically surrounds the school .The result is a learning environment that is truly stimulating and engaging.
Impressive Facilities
Our ultra-modern facilities include – a purpose built auditorium, an indoor swimming-pool, Science, Maths, digital-language and IT laboratories. We have a beautiful school dining hall, Art, Drama and Music studios, squash and tennis courts, Astroturf playing pitches and expansive grass playing-fields.
In summer last year, we re-developed the junior section providing our young learners with an exciting and futuristic space to begin their education. This renovation saw the construction of a brand new building and refurbishment of existing facilities.
Learning Centre
Our school library features an extensive print collection and a growing bank of electronic resources to support the school’s pupils and teachers in all subject areas. The students also have access through the school intranet to an enhanced library website featuring a range of resources – like citation guidance, reading lists, online books and research tips. The learners enrolled in the International Baccalaureate programme also have access to the nearby State University Library.
Sports Facilities

Our sports facilities are significantly impressive and have been used in the past (during school vacation time) by the inter-state premier league football for pre-season training. The squash and tennis courts have been built according to the international standards. The management is committed to a continuing endeavour of improvement and development of the sports infrastructure.
We conduct many educational seminars and workshops for learners. Several renowned personalities from the academia have been facilitating valuable sessions and conferences for our students. The auditorium can accommodate up to 650 people and each chair also has an attached flip-up writing desk. The proscenium arched stage measures up to 30 x 15 feet and is mostly used for school functions. It is equipped with a projection booth and a screen, which lowers from the ceiling for multi-media presentations.
Hire Our Facilities
Many of the facilities enjoyed by the students are also available for hire for non-residential events during vacation time. We take great pride in providing a friendly welcome and a first-class experience for a diverse range of academic organisations with varying requirements. Every year, we host several events for these institutions.