Green Castle Smart School

Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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Instructions For Parents

Children learn best when all the significant adults in their lives - parents, teachers and other family members work together to guide and encourage them. This primary factor should be a key and guiding principle, as we all want schools to be well organized and children should be taught properly. Schools alone cannot address and implement a child's developmental needs. The meaningful involvement and support of the parents is essential.
                Your child                                                    You will please                bring his/her diary to school everyday                          send leave application if your child is absent  reports to school on time                                            

                                                                               not give too much cash & mobile to your                                                                                      child                                                       completes work on time                                              inform change of address & contact no.

                                                                               attend PTM's regularly    

carries text books and notebooks as per the time-table    

maintain personal hygiene                                           discourage excessive TV viewing

appears for all monthly tests                                       not send sick child to school even for tests

adheres to school rules                                               make an entry for every absence in the                                                                                        school diary                  

does not abuse

maintain school property

displays exemplary behaviour in school bus

It is essential for every student to follow prescribed norms of conduct. In case of any student violates the school rules or indulge in acts of indiscipline, a strict disciplinary action amounting to verbal/written warnings/detention/suspension/expulsion will be taken.