Green Castle Smart School

Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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Introduction / Overview

How We Started
Education for children is the main goal for setting up our institution. All members here believe that our school should be an example of total dedication to the school child. We do not have lofty aims of making huge monetary returns. But, we do believe that our institution should be welcoming and comfortable for the students.
Student Teacher Ratio
Student teacher ratio should be kept at a minimum. The voice of the child has to be heard and his problems attended to. The teacher should be in a position to understand the mental makeup of every student that is entrusted to his or her care. This can be achieved when numbers in a classroom do not exceed unmanageable limits. We have 25 students per class as the maximum number.
Facilities for Developing Inherent Potential
We have tried to create a wide range of co-curricular activities. These help in widening a child’s perspective and are a perfect form of relaxation.
Excursions and Field Trips
It is essential that children move out of school surroundings to interact with students of other schools and we manage this through Inter-School Competitions. Such exposure is an essential part of learning as we strongly believe that our children should become independent and courageous. Excursions and visits to different places as education tours are planned as a regular feature and it is in such programs that students learn about interacting with others, besides attending to various tasks assigned to them.
Learning To Empathize With the Less Fortunate
We would like our students to understand that there are various facets of the society in which they live. If their parents can afford good education for them, there may be others whose situation is different. To become aware of this aspect of life is important in order to understand life in totality.
Instilling Pride for Their Country
Students should have knowledge about the cultural and historical aspects of their country, so that they feel blessed to belong to the land where they live.
Understanding the Importance of the Environment
We would like our children to appreciate and preserve the bounties that Mother Nature bestows upon us. They are taught to be judicious when using nature’s resources. 
Keeping In Sync with Technology
In thisTechnological era, we pay special heed to the fact that our children stay on top of the ladder in this field. They are adept at using various kinds of gadgets that open greater vistas for learning. The school has all these facilities in ourcomputer rooms which are accessible to the students.
Tapping Creative Faculties
When children go beyond text books and give vent to their innermost feelings, their reactions are a joy to behold. To get them into this mould we have dance, music, theatre visual arts, karate classes and sports activities.
Making Them Aware Of the Advantages of Yoga
Yoga classes are conducted once a week, to unravel before the child, the advantages of holistic thinking.