Green Castle Smart School

Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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Our Philosophy
“The philosophy which guides our pre-primary programme states, “We learn as we play and we play to learn”.
Early pre-primary education functions as the basis for future scholarships. It is the period of education to learn while the child plays. Our school pre-primary curriculum is delivered through the blend of Montessori and Reggio Emilia approach, founded on project-based learning. Our pedagogy is rooted in the belief that every child is a unique creation of God. Each child has the infinite prospective for gaining knowledge. Children have an inborn desire to learn and are naturally curious. Each child learns best through observation and participation in the curriculum. They construct their own knowledge in manifold ways. Learning can be imparted where the atmosphere is conducive. The child must feel at home while he/she is in school.
Our Curriculum
Our school KG/UKG curriculum emphasises on the progressive milestones that include the areas of creative skills, reasoning and understanding, communication (Hindi, English) and respect for the environment. This learning design leads students to inquire and seek answers on their own. Inquest becomes the order of the day making thinking and creativity mandatory. Our teachers are the facilitators who steer these little ones into an ocean of knowledge.
Our Methods
Our teaching method aims at providing overall development of the child both physically as well as mentally. Children must feel comfortable with their teachers so that by and by their comprehension is bettered. The child learns from puzzles, display-charts, fun-books, building-blocks and other resources available in the library. Show and tell is a fabulous way of enhancing a child’s creativity, confidence as well as knowledge. Brainteasers not only engage the child but also develop inquisitiveness and alertness. This child-friendly approach helps in shaping a holistic and healthy personality where every child enrolled in this curriculum gets better prepared to take on the upcoming primary classes.
Daily Schedule
School begins with the morning assembly which serves several purposes. It comprises of prayer, news-reading and general announcements related to the school programme. The classes pre-break are energetic; we try and include Mathematics and Languages in this period. Snacks are served in the short break and thereafter the children run to play with their friends. Classes resume after the break when time is spent on clay-modelling, singing and theatre. These modes of expression are vital for the child’s motor-skills as well as the all-rounded development.