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Leave Of Absence

Leave of absence is the time allowed away from school and is generally requested by the students or parents, to cover unusual circumstances. When a student wishes to avail leave of absence, he must first get hold of the form requesting leave from the teacher-in-charge. He needs to fill in the necessary information, obtain signatures from the academic advisors and the head of the related department and then return the completed form to the teacher-in-charge. 
There are basically two types of leaves of absence
  1. Voluntary leave of absence
  2. Involuntary leave of absence
Voluntary leave of absence
When a student decides to take leave of absence for some personal reason or work which is approved by school, is known as voluntary leave of absence. A voluntary leave may be requested for serious illness, national service/sport or for some other valid personal reason. A student considering voluntary leave should consult with the head of the academic program before applying for such leave
Procedure for Voluntary Leave Of Absence
  1. The student must discuss the issue regarding leave of absence with the class teacher.
  2. The student must correctly complete a “Leave of Absence Form” and any other relevant forms that are required by his or her department at school and should also provide supporting documentation.
  3. If a student is seeking voluntary leave of absence due to a psychological reason or any medical condition, then he/she must attach the copy of the medical-report with the leave request.
  4. The student will be notified in writing by the school authorities of the approval or denial of the request for leave. If the application for leave is permitted, the terms and conditions of the approved leave shall be set forth in the leave sanction letter.
  5. The notation of the “leave of absence” will be entered in the student’s transcript.
Involuntary Leave Of Absence
Our school may place a student under the involuntary leave of absence from the ongoing academic session for a temporary period when that student:
  1. Poses a direct threat to the health and safety of other students and staff and is not willing to refrain from coming to school.
  2. Has been denied permission to go on leave but has still been absent from school, is place under the involuntary leave of absence.
Procedure for Involuntary Leave Of Absence
  1. When an involuntary leave of absence is under consideration, the school authorities or the Principals designee will notify the parents for the particular reason.
  2. It maybe the case of an infectious disease where doctors insist upon isolation.
  3. The student may refuse to accept denial of voluntary leave of absence.
  4.  The student is immediately informed in writing of the institute’s decision and the terms of the involuntary leave as well as the re-enrolment procedure.
  5. The school will not penalise the student for not appearing in any exams in case of any medical disorder.
  6. However, where the child or parents have not paid heed to the institute’s directive regarding leave, the student is not allowed to sit for exams.
  7. The notation of the “leave of absence” will be entered in the student’s transcript.