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Our Kindergarten Programme
A child’s first experience of school plays an important role in setting his or her approach to learning. We encourage young learners to explore their environment and express themselves using multiple skills which may include speaking, singing, drawing, painting, writing, kinaesthetic building and designing, dramatic play and music. Therefore, during the early childhood years, we focus on learning through experience, interaction and inquiry.

Our Vision for Early Years Program
It spans two years of Lower-Kindergarten and Upper-Kindergarten respectively. The program is designed to nurture the young child's curiosity and develop creative problem-solving skills. It also inspires confidence to approach new situations with skillfulness and independence. Our young pupils acquire knowledge in a caring, innovative and open-minded environment with strong emphasis on individual learning styles. The learners enjoy in a warm and caring setting where they interact with their peers as well as nurturing adults in a variety of activities. The experiences provided for the pupils are designed to capture their interest in learning, encouraging them to be ingenious and at the same time satisfy their desire to explore and discover. We uniquely combine this style of teaching with a variety of learning methods geared to meet the individual needs of the child.

Our Principles for the Kindergarten Learning
We believe that each child differs depending on their social, cultural and emotional circumstances. We are also aware that learners interact and learn in a variety of contexts. They are the co-constructors of knowledge and partners in the process of learning. Our intention is to produce great future-citizens who will make proud, both the school as well as the nation. Students require specialized support in order to develop better skills as well as deep knowledge.We reinforce cross-curricular teaching so that a child can make connections with different areas of education and learn the importance of character development.

Our Curriculum
The core subjects in these classes are - English Language (listening, speaking, reading and writing), Hindi Language (listening, speaking, reading and writing,) and Mathematics with emphasis on Vedic-Math. The co-curricular activities include recitation, rhymes, story narration, art and craft, nature study and audio-visual learning. We encourage overall development of the tiny-tots in physical, motor, emotional, intellectual, personal and social skills. Emphasis is laid upon active-participation and group-involvement so that early in life, they understand the meaning of teamwork.
Procedure for Registration
Registration is ongoing throughout the school-year. A child who turns three years on or before March 1 is eligible for admission in lower kindergarten (LKG) in the beginning of the academic session in April. Similarly, a child who is four years old on or before March 1 is suitable for admission in upper kindergarten (UKG). The copy of your child’s birth certificate should be presented at the time of registration. Admission procedures can be enquired from our school-office or the website.