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Mid-Term Admissions

Mid Term Admissions - Coping With a New Environment
Green Castle School empathizes with parents who have to deal with getting their wards a school admission during mid-term. We are open to consideration for admissions. Students will be admitted only against vacancies because our class infrastructure supports a fixed number of students.
Challenges of a Mid-term Admission - Coping in the Classroom
Stepping into a new school during mid-term can be quite upsetting and disturbing for the student. The children have to contend with a completely new environment. The school does its best to help them settle in but many find the new surroundings overwhelming. Several children remain unsettled for a few months due to the pressure of the curriculum, adapting themselves to the new teaching methodology, forging friendships and grappling with the new system as a whole.
Parents and Mid-Term Admissions

Parents get equally distressed while changing the schools of their children. They must be patient and assist us to help the child settle into school. There is no point getting perturbed if the child does not settle in immediately. Every child takes his/her own time to find a spot in the new milieu. Give them time to familiarise themselves and soon they will be at ease.
Apart from the difficulty and tension that parents have had to undergo getting a seat for their child in a school, there is also the added stress of school costs - tuition fees, new uniforms, books and stationery. Parents are at liberty to pick up used textbooks and uniforms from seniors to cut down costs.

Parents are requested to present the following documents at the time of admission:

  1. Transfer Proof of the parent (in case of transfer/posting)
  2. Residence Proof of the parent
  3. Copy of the Birth Certificate of the student
  4. Attendance record of the student from the previous school
  5. Report Card of the student of the present grade/ grade last cleared
  6. Transfer/School Leaving Certificate of the student

The rest of the documents have to be authenticated by the Head of the Institution of the previous school or by the concerned authorities.