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Mid-Term School Excursions

‘Hip-Hip Hooray’ is the joyous shout heard by children whenever Mid- Term Excursions are announced.
What School Excursions Are All About?
A school symbolizes multifarious activities. Of these, Mid–Term Excursions are something to look forward to. Our excursions are planned as per age group of the children. For the very young ones, the students of classes IV, V and VI, we have short excursions. As the class level increases, we understand that the stamina of children will improve. Therefore, excursions are of a longer duration. For the senior level, besides fun and enjoyment, certain challenging tasks are also an essential part of the outdoor trip.
Planning the Time for Excursions
By mid-term a sizeable amount of syllabus has been covered. The anxiety of the final exam is not threatening, since there is still ample time. After having completed one term, a planned trip outside school is a welcome break. We plan our trips to a local area or a little beyond for junior classes. For the seniors, the exposure is more. Their trips are planned to distant places; these could also be interstate trips. The duration of the trip is a maximum of two days for the juniors. For the seniors it is approximately a week.
Student-Teacher Ratio
While deciding the student-teacher ratio, we take into account the age of the students, location of the excursion and the specific needs of the students. The minimum ratio for junior children is one to ten. For the seniors it is one to fifteen.
The Itinerary
A detail of the itinerary which refers to time and date of departure and return, destination, mode of travel, details of cost and accommodation arrangements are given to each parent.  Besides this, the purpose of the excursion and details of the activities, equipment and clothing needed is also mentioned.
Other Essentials
A first aid-kit is provided with every group and kept in the custody of the teacher in-charge. Whenever we plan a trip with a professional organization, the teacher in-charge coordinates with the organizers. To facilitate the school planning, consent forms are to be submitted by all parents.
The Purpose of Organizing Excursions
These adventure trips are planned for many reasons. In school a student is enveloped in books and curricula, syllabus and examination, homework and schoolwork. To expose the mind to another world, whereby the inner strengths of the student can be tapped, is one of the main aims. Besides this, it’s an opportunity to see the world beyond school. Learning new outdoor activities, social interaction, adjustment and learning to take on challenges is what excursions are all about.