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Music, Dance, And Theater

Music, Dance and Theatre
Education in the form of arts is an integral part of the development of each child. Those who have studied the history and development of the learning processes throughout the ages, beginning with Plato, have emphasized the importance of the platform of arts in the education process. Arts education in totality refers to advance education in the disciplines of theatre, music and dance. 

Study in the form of arts is integral to our society; it is a part of the cultural heritage of every nation. Arts education in schools provide students with the much required exposure to their cultural heritage in the form of music, plays and it is this learning that makes us humane and complete people. Arts in various forms cannot be learned through random or occasional exposure any more than science or math can. 

Education and engagement in the field of fine arts is an essential part of every school curriculum and also an important component in the educational program of the students.

Importance of Arts In School
Participation in theatre, music and dance is essential and adds to academic excellence. Evidence of its effectiveness can be found in the reduction of the student dropout ratio. This helps to develop better team players, fosters a love for education and raises student attendance in schools. Music and dance help improve student dignity, enhance their creativity and produce prepared and confident citizens for tomorrow. The arts in the form of theatre, music and dance also provide students with non-academic benefits such as teamwork, self-belief, self-esteem, cultural exposure, improved emotional expressions as well as appreciation of diversity and social harmony. 
The Impact of the Arts on Learning 
It changes and evolves the learning environment to one of discovery. It often re-ignites the love of learning in students who are tired of merely being fed facts. Students connect with each other in a better and more cordial manner. The study of such art subjects result in greater understanding of a nation’s diversity, fewer fights and tremendous peer support. Students learn to become self-sustained and self-directed learners. This platform of fine arts positively impacts the learning ability of students from the lower socioeconomic status as they are exposed to the innate beauty of this world.