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Other Amenities

Other Amenities – Essential for Academic Excellence
Learning is not a simple activity. It is a complex process that tests students' motivation, both mentally and physically. The quality of teaching resources, our teachers' skill levels and the chosen curriculum, all have a strategic part to play in your child’s education. At our school, we understand that students cannot be expected to perform at high levels if the school facilities do not reflect the standards. We are dedicated to providing a wholesome learning environment to enhance the academic outcomes of our students. 
Air Quality and Thermal Comfort
There is growing evidence of the correlation of student’s performance to the quality of air they are breathing. If the quality of air in classrooms is poor, teachers and students fall ill, and usually complain of respiratory infections, headaches, fatigue and drowsiness. At our school, we use electrostatic air cleaning technology to purify and maintain the quality of air circulated. All our classrooms are well ventilated with sufficient daylight entering all classrooms.
Pure Drinking Water
Our school takes the health of our students and teachers very seriously. This is why we have our own water purification plant on campus. Students can drink water straight out of the taps on every floor. Our water purification plant is inspected regularly to ensure the supply of safe and clean drinking water.
Value Education Programme
In today’s fast paced world, it is important to preserve our rich and varied cultural heritage. Our students are well informed of the value India as a nation provides to the world through our Value Education classes. In these classes, we have guest lecturers, politicians and social workers come speak to our students on various topics.
Resource Room
We now have a special room for students facing trouble learning or students with behavioural problems. Once a teacher has identified such students, they are assessed by our in-house counsellor, who also acts as an integral part of their support system. Our Resource Room helps troubled students with personal, social and academic needs.
School Band
Our school has an excellent band and we are renowned for our brass section. Students from class VI to class X are free to join the band and express themselves through music. Every year our school band plays an active part in both Republic and Independence Day celebrations. They are also the highlight of our sports day parade.
Student Exchange Programmes
We see our student exchange programme as a step towards creating well rounded and dynamic individuals. As part of this programme, students get to visit other educational institutions within India and internationally as well. The most discernible result from our Student Exchange Programme is a huge boost in the self-esteem and confidence of the participants.