Green Castle Smart School

Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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Our Educational Philosophy

Necessity of Schools
Schools are the backbone of every society! Without educational institutions, human beings would be lost in God’s big world. Knowledge provides the beacon to help one wade through innumerable situations of life.

Our Responsibility
Those who take on the responsibility of disseminating knowledge, have a Herculean task to perform.   In a society, it is the government that has to take up this uphill task. However, besides Government schools, there are private schools and government aided schools. We, as a private institution, are aware that we are like clay potters, guiding, helping, inspiring young minds, moulding them in a manner that brings out their inherent potential. The child enters the school portals hoping to fulfill his or her dreams. Since it is the future of the child that is at stake, the pivot of our philosophy is the child. All plans revolve around this fulcrum.

Facilities Provided
To facilitate a child’s learning process there are teachers, well equipped classrooms, laboratories, the school library, hobby classes and the computer room. The child has a wide range of helping aids. Our aim is to support the child; it is up to him or her to make choices. Teachers are engaged to guide the child, to help him, to clarify his doubts and to make him aware of various possibilities. There are rewards and prizes for those who reach prescribed goals. To help students from weaker backgrounds there are scholarships and stipends. The child has access to many other facilities in the process of learning .Students are encouraged to discover facts and relationships and continually build on what they already know.

Tapping the Imagination of the Child
We do believe that learning has integrating, practical, artistic and conceptual elements. Keeping this approach in mind, emphasis is laid on the role of developing thinking that includes creative as well as analytic components.

The Freedom to Develop One’s Personality
The goals of our philosophy are linked with providing young people the basis on which they will develop into free, morally responsible and integrated individuals. We also believe in giving individual teachers the freedom to develop creative methods. Our approach to learning is democratic, therefore, there is shared decision – making among students and staff, on matters related to living, working and learning together.

The essence of our philosophy is to work towards providing an environment where each child can blossom in his or her unique way.