Green Castle Smart School

Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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Our Faculty


Teacher: First Step to a Dynamic Next Generation
It is our belief that excellent teaching begins with a strong relationship between students and teachers. Our faculty is passionate, talented and skilled to provide a dynamic and rewarding learning experience for pupils. We are proud to have a competent and qualified teaching fraternity that possess a wide range of experience. Our lead teachers have been certified with degrees that are approved by the international educational bodies.
To help teachers deliver student-centered teaching model, all classrooms have been equipped with the latest version of smart digital boards. These tutors have also been trained to specialize in teaching and counseling; to act as mentor and guide to provide emotional support to students when required.
Our faculty attends educational seminars and symposia conducted nationally and internationally to understand the changes in the educational scenario. Orientation programmes and periodic parent-teacher meetings are conducted to help parents understand the curriculum and teaching methodology adopted by the school.

Our teaching staff members are guided by four core values which are:-
Learning: We maintain a positive approach to learning and encourage it wholeheartedly.
Excellence: We have high expectations of our students and ourselves. We set standards of excellence and strive to achieve them.
Equity: We recognize the different circumstances and needs of our pupils. We endeavor to create learning environments that are free of discrimination, abuse or exploitation.
Care: We treat all individuals with care. Our relationships are based on trust, mutual respect and the acceptance of responsibility.


Our Faculty and Teaching
Our teachers are the ones transforming our school and the education we offer to thousands of children and young people. It is our belief that excellent teaching begins with a strong relationship between pupils and teachers.
The current context in which teachers are working is one of rapid change. All areas pertaining to education have witnessed radical changes in the past decades, with major significance on the role of teachers along with the introduction of new approaches to curriculum and assessment. These changes have evolved new understandings about the interactive nature of the learner’s needs and a shift in focus from ‘what is wrong with the child?’ to ‘what does the pupil need to support his/her learning?’ Our innovative teaching practice has been developed to support the student’s requirements.
Our Educators

Each member of our fraternity imbibes the ethos and culture of our institution. With their utmost dedication and sincerity, this academic community not only imparts learning but also engages students in several ways. Our school employs an in-house team of over hundred and fifty (150) highly skilled professionals who are supported by an advisory board of eminent academicians.  
Faculty as an Inspiration & Mentor
Our faculty has been an inspiring role model to our learners. They encourage, engage, lead and motivate them to exercise curiosity and inquiry. These tutors have also been trained to specialize in teaching and counselling to act as a mentor and guide to provide emotional support to students when required. Our educators instil a quiet respect instead of fear among the learners, thereby developing a close bond with them. Our teacher student ratio is as low as 1:20 to ensure greater individual guidance.
Multiple Intelligences
We aim to raise individuals who possess a balanced mind in a physically fit body. In order to achieve this goal, we have inculcated a broad range of human abilities based on the theory of ‘Multiple Intelligences’ by Howard Gardener.
Sometimes we get so comfortable teaching the way we were taught, it is easy to forget that each child learns differently. Using this theory enables educators to instruct, understand and engage learners in a proactive manner. Our instructors actively encourage students to be in control of their own learning by exposing them to various techniques that evolve their affective, kinaesthetic and cognitive faculties.
Our institution also boasts of cutting-edge technology in the form ‘Smart Interactive Boards’ comprising of numerous audio-visual learning resources that aid in enhancing comprehension and a greater clarity of thought process.




Mrs. Kakali Chatterjee  -   (Principal)


Mrs. Suranjana Samantaray  - Class-VI (Co-Ordinator, Senior wing)


Mrs. Pooja Grover  -   (Class -III) (Co-Ordinator ,Junior wing)


Mrs. Geeta Kapoor  -  (Class- II)


Mrs. Shivali Singla  -(Class- L.K.G)


Mrs. Vandana Daroch - Teacher (Class-V)


Mrs. Diya Chakraborty-  (Class-I)


Mr. Akash Singh -  (Class- IV)


Mrs. Balwinder Kaur- (Class- U.K.G)


Mrs. Amandeep kaur -  (Class- Nursery)


Mrs. Inderjeet Kaur  - ( class - Pre Nursery)


Mrs. Vibha Yadav -  (Class- VII)