Green Castle Smart School

Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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Our Glorious Past

Going Back To the Roots
Our glorious past emanated from the dream of a visionary, a gentleman who visualized a school where the child would be the focal point around which all other plans and activities revolved. From this dream our school took shape, whereby the norm was that the student teacher ratio would be twenty to one. Children would receive all the care and attention they deserved .No voice would be lost in the din of numbers. There was time for one and all.

Unforgettable Figures of Repute
As we flip back the pages of our school book, a treasure of memories is revealed.
There are pictures of well known personalities. Renowned speakers, artists, dignitaries and writers were invited to our school. Students had the opportunity to gain from their wisdom and experience. This interaction provided the much needed inspiration for students, propelling them to aspire to scale great heights. Besides this our school book revealed much more. There were photographs of our school captains of yesteryears, standing besides trophies and shields won to bring laurels to their school. There were more pictures where medals were awarded in different fields, sports being the most outstanding. This playback of memories serves to remind us that we belong to an institution that had carved a name in the community.

The Contribution of Our Teachers
Our own teachers did us proud because of the recognition they received for their achievements. Some were selected for various higher courses; others were invited to attend seminars. A couple of our teachers were also awarded prizes for outstanding work done in the field of social work.

The Contributions of Our Students
The array of trophies and cups in the reception room of the school makes us lift our heads in pride. The contests we won, the matches in which we held aloft the banner of our school are reminders of our glorious past.

Role of Ex-Students
Students who left the school many years back have kept in touch with us. They have boosted our morale with their loving messages. As we look back at the years that have sped by, we feel blessed that our efforts to bring the school to a prestigious level have borne fruit. The dedication of teachers, the support of our well-wishers and many others who had faith in our policies and plans have been the catalyst to spur us further. We feel a deep sense of gratitude to all those who made our institution what it is today. The glory of the years gone by is reflected in the happy years of today.