Green Castle Smart School

Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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Our Motto / Philosophy

Our Philosophy – 'AWAKE ARISE ACHIEVE"


A school traditionally has been associated as a place where children are sent for formal learning. The role of schools today has undergone a vast change with many dimensions being added to it. Schools are there to educate, but meaning of education has changed. Modern education is not knowledge from books, it is not restrictive, and it goes beyond the classroom. Education is something that stays with you for life. Our philosophy is to empower the students put under our care with a powerful tool, one that will help them find their place in the world.            Our school is a perfect abode of learning for stepping stones.The motto of our school is "Awake, Arise & Achieve" which means to awake from ignorance to knowledge, to arise from old traditions combining with recent ones and to achieve the goal i.e, to make a child a good human being. We procure quality education to make students creative and innovative. The main aim of the school is to cultivate all those values which helps in build a child a responsible citizen.

Give Them Wings
For schooling to be effective, it needs to lend a helping hand to the students so that they are made aware of not only their potential but also what they can learn from the environment. Students need to be taught to have faith in their abilities; they also need to learn to compete, not with each other but with themselves. We believe in nurturing the young ones so that they turn out confident, are resilient and have the strength and courage to face adversities. We believe in giving wings so that they can fly. 

Scholastic Processes
Our annual curriculum planning is meticulous and is upgraded every year after assessing the learning outcomes at the end of each academic session. The core curriculum has activities and assignments suited to all learning styles so that we can foster amongst our children, enquiring minds. Courses follow an integrated approach ensuring the children learn to be creative, become thinking individuals, learn to assess problems and find solutions. They ought to take their own decisions and learn to question critically in order to be strong, both mentally and emotionally.
A Healthy Mind Dwells In a Healthy Body
Physical endurance is a prerequisite for a fit mind. Invaluable lessons are learnt on the playing fields and it is imperative that the students learn to play fair. The school is diverse in terms of culture, religion, race and economic backgrounds. Students learn teamwork, honesty, sharing, caring and empathy when they play together. The school infrastructure supports a large number of outdoor and indoor sports and it is compulsory for all students to take part in an activity of their choice.
Apart from sports, the school introduces students to various literary programmes such as the visual and performing arts, dance, theatre, music and art. They are encouraged to take part in intra and inter school competitions. We focus on an all-rounded educational programme so that our students receive a holistic edification. Our students are global citizens who should have the required skills to take on any challenge that life may have in store for them.