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Performing Arts

Enhancing Creativity and Expression via Performing Arts
The allure of dance, films, music, theatre and other forms of performing arts allow children to express their innate selves through a positive and creative medium. Our school’s performing arts program is aimed at instilling a lifelong admiration for arts in all its forms. We encourage our students to take up at least one of the performing arts and regularly conduct music-competitions, choir and orchestra performances, concerts, play-acting competitions and dance-recitals. Our annual school concert showcases the talents of our highly creative students and also contributes towards modelling confident young people. Our students are encouraged through these programs to not only express their opinion but also learn to appreciate the talent of others. Equipped with these creative skills, our students gradually mature into well-rounded adults.
Key Advantages Of Our School’s Performing Arts Program
An early exposure to this vital realm of learning allows students to appreciate this creative field. Without such a program in school, students would need to seek these outside of their daily school-routine and the probability of not taking part in these arts increases significantly. Our program is fun and inculcates learning and restraint that goes beyond classroom instruction.
As an additional stream of learning, our performing arts program hones the creative skills of our students and prepares them to take on further specialization in the field. Some of our students have gone on to becoming professional performers and are held in high esteem. The gallery of such students with their current occupation is featured on the website.
Performing arts is a medium of self-expression and helps to draw out the innate creativity and emotions of the students. Formative and teenage years are high-stress times due to new surroundings and various growing-up pressures. Performing arts allows students to express their innermost emotions which otherwise they might have kept bottled up or vented in an inappropriate manner. This expression prevents these young minds to become and remain enslaved in anger and angst. Through this program we have seen a positive growth and an upbeat progression in the confidence of the students.
Being part of the performing arts program, students learn to and are motivated to involve their parents and seek their guidance in succeeding in their chosen performing art. This parental involvement in turn fosters closer bonds and provides opportunities for parents to guide their children on the path of self-dependence.
The Performing Arts Included in the Program
Performing Arts is a vast realm and includes the following:
  1. Acting (comedy, drama, action, opera and theatre)
  2. Motion Pictures
  3. Music (singing, musical instruments)
  4. Dancing (a number of different forms)
  5. Circus Skills (acrobatics, juggling, marching)
Given the positive influence performing arts have on the minds and emotions of students, we urge all parents to encourage and support their children in their pursuit.  Education must go beyond the academic route and it is our endeavour to cater to the needs of our society by giving it well-balanced and highly skilled individuals