Green Castle Smart School

Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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Plan a Visit to School - We Love to Show Off
Green Castle School is filled with joy and resounds with the laughter of the students. This is their home away from home. They come here to learn and we make learning fun! Don’t just take us on our word! Come and check out why children are so happy to be here every day.
Scheduling a Visit - Time It Well
Our school is open to and welcomes parents who want to check out the school facilities and the environment for their child. We have an open house during admissions and invite all prospective parents to walk in and see the school for themselves.
You are also most welcome to join us on any working day, during regular school hours. The visit though, will be fruitless, since students and staff are all busy. You need to get the feel of the place, take in the atmosphere and reassure yourselves about our promises. We suggest you call the school office and schedule an appointment so that someone steers you through the place.
Why Should You Visit School?

As guardians of the students enrolled in Green Castle School, you are stakeholders in the institution as well. When you visit school, you can review our objectives and interact informally with the teachers and co-curricular staff.
Satisfy Yourself Regarding All Aspects
Review Security and Safety Plans: Green Castle School takes all precautionary measures for the physical well being of the children placed in our trust. There is CCTV surveillance covering the school, grounds and the school entrance. We have security personnel stationed at all gates. The school staff and students have identity cards. Guests and parents/guardians will be allowed in after a two-tier security check at the gate followed by a reconfirmation of identity and purpose of the visit by the administrative office. No visitor to school will be allowed to enter the academic area under any circumstance.
School Discipline: As you walk around the school, you will see how the staff and students conduct themselves. An informal interaction within the school can satisfy most of your queries with regard to school functioning and facilities.
Academics: If you intend visiting school during a regular school day, do take an appointment with the teachers. You will then be able to discuss the curriculum, our teaching methodology, your expectations and goals from the school and your child.
believe that we are the best educators in the area, but do come and be doubly assured!