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Playway / Pre - Nursery / Nursery - The Formative Years

Early Childhood Education

Schools lay the foundation for the development of skills, both mental and physical, which will define the personality of the child. Pre-primary educational methodology therefore is of paramount importance. The early years are very impressionable and children need to be handled gently. At this age we need to focus on nurturing, healthy interaction and stimulus to develop the child’s academic confidence.
Playway - I See, I Remember; I Do, I Learn
Play way method of teaching is generally taken for “all play and no work”. Both are complementary to the process of learning. The children who join us at this stage are about two-years old. At this juncture, the progress of the child is charted on a day-to-day basis. Our focus is on the all-round development of the child. The school academic programme centres on language development, social interaction, physical development, encouraging creativity, experimentation, independence and self-awareness through informal learning. Children-centred activities encourage and inspire them to learn and retain. There is no rush to push them to read or write, since they will be doing the same for the next twelve years.
Pre-Nursery - A Stepping Stone
At this level, the children are between the ages of two and three. All school activities make certain that the young ones should be ready to step into a formal learning environment. The school, however, firmly believes that the children need an environment that allows them to develop at their own pace. Learning is still informal and theme-based. Through field trips, activities, celebration of special days, class decoration, recitation, dance, music, drama and make-believe, concepts are reinforced. One can see their growth through accomplishments in behaviour, attitude, values, good habits, civic sense and teamwork. Their attention span is short, so activities are repetitive and of brief duration. They are well thought out and planned and help in development of their cognitive skills. Children at this stage are learning to recognise alphabets and numbers.
Nursery - And Away We Go
At the age of three and above, we have with us young little adults! They have better physical control, developed social interests and want to be with their own age group. Their concentration is improved, language is more sophisticated and their imagination is pretty colourful. Children are more disciplined at this age and are ready for formal schooling. They are put through their paces in reading, writing and arithmetic. They are ready and eager to grasp new concepts and take immense pride in their achievements. The school keeps a balance between their theory and practical work experience. Our focus still is to ensure the process of learning takes place in a challenging and motivational environment. Learning is inquiry based, experiential and attention is paid to development of communication skills. In short, their days are filled with activities that make learning fun.