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Pre Nursery & Nursery

Pre-Nursery and Nursery Programs – Shaping Young Minds
In our school, influencing the young mind is serious business. The pre-nursery and nursery programs have been designed with utmost care and diligence.  These tiny tots are free to explore a range of activities around the classroom as well as the reserved premises outside.  They have access to sandpits and the water play area, are provided with light wood blocks, art and craft materials, as well as are exposed to a host of other activities such as story telling and easy poem recitations.  The classroom ambience is such that children are urged to work and play together in harmony.  This supports friendliness, teamwork and also social competence that will hold them in good stead in the years to come.

Pre-Nursery Tiny Tots
Our program and the trained faculty help ease the little ones transition from the comfort of home and family to a larger space of school and classmates.  The program is designed to stimulate curiosity, creativity and the desire to learn.  Experiential learning and discovery are the cornerstones of this program.  We employ visual and auditory aids to enhance learning and also use group experiences and activities to ensure that each child participates.  There is a large playground with a variety of swings that conform to strict standards.  After an invigorating round of playing, the children are served healthy snacks and made to rest for an hour.  Children must have reached the age of two by March for the April session and the school hours are from 8am to 12pm, Monday to Friday.

Nursery Program – The Next Step
This program gently introduces the children to the world of learning through an individualized and unique approach.  Our aim is to foster confidence and a sense of trust as these little ones gain independence while being in school.  For these children, lesser the strength, more the attention. Thus, each class has only 15 students managed by one teacher and a helper.  Through this student / teacher ratio, the teacher is able to keep a keen watch on the growth, development and learning of each child.  The educator is better positioned to respond to the individual needs and interests of each tiny mind.

Overall Approach of Both Programs
Both the programs are designed to foster a sense of belonging and self-worth.  Children here develop a healthy curiosity about the world, their classmates,   surroundings, books etc. and therefore grow into smart and bright kids. The value of trust, obedience and respect is instilled in them from a young age. Overall the program is fun, revolves around intuitive thinking and leads to an all-round development of each child.