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Primary Education

Primary Education – Classes I to V - Important Stage in a Child’s Development
Our school environment and curriculum for primary classes is perfectly suited and designed to meet their needs. The programme adopts a variety of activities, learning methods and resources to develop a commitment to absorbing and enjoyment. We endeavour to build on the strengths of the students, heighten their interests and utilize their experiences to help develop confidence to learn and study both reciprocally and independently. Apart from developing an enquiring and curious mind, our curriculum enhances the physical skills of the students and teaches them the importance of active and healthy living. Our little ones are prepared for the next stage of their learning journey including intelligent decision-making. We guide them in their quest for knowledge and imbibe in them respect for diversity in culture, religion and beliefs.

Curriculum Synopsis
The curriculum is designed to let the children experience the challenges of problem-solving, discovering, creativity and building. The well-planned syllabus takes into account the various learning styles and needs of the students and encompasses a wide variety of teaching techniques. These methods ensure development and continuity for the students through their primary years making learning a happy and fulfilling experience. The curriculum lays down certain skills and criteria upon which the children are assessed. Their progress is tracked, a report of which is sent to the parents after each semester.
Subjects Taught In the Primary Programme
  • English
  • Hindi
  • One Foreign Language (from class 2 up)
  • Mathematics
  • Computer basics
  • Science
  • Environmental Studies
  • Social Science
  • Music & Dance
  • Dramatics
  • Art
  • Physical Education

Importance of the Primary Program
The main focus at this stage for the students is ensuring that they have fun while learning and each experience is structured and methodical. Morning assembly has the children squealing in delight as their fellow-students and friends put up theme-based shows. We organize field-trips and take students to heritage sites, museums and other places where they learn from seeing and doing. Picnics galore and ample playtime ensures that the children understand the importance of interacting with their classmates in an environment both inside and outside of school.
The focus at this stage is to provide continuity and progression in learning for all students as they move from EYFS to Lower Primary. We understand that proficiency and expertise along with knowledge should be the foundation for the children at this age. We therefore combine these with an enriched and thrilling curriculum in order to ensure their all-round development. Children absorb positive attitudes and useful values that help them develop into well-balanced individuals.