Green Castle Smart School

Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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Welcome to Our School
First of all, we are grateful to you for the decision to send your ward to our school. Let us assure you that your child is safe in our care and will grow into a strong and confident future citizen of the country. We believe the school and the home are extensions of each other. If the home is the child’s first school, reciprocally, the school is now their second home.
Getting to Know Your School - Do Pick Up Our School Prospectus
Before you send your child to school, it would help if you could familiarise yourself with the various aspects of our environment. The school prospectus is available at the school office which will take you through all the facets of school life and also give an insight about what’s in store for your child here.
We Believe in Education for All
We believe that a school is a living entity, with its own character and personality. This identity is fostered by the many individuals who are a part of the institution.
Our Endeavour is to give all students an environment where
  • every child gets the freedom to chase his/her dreams
  • where learning is self-motivated
  • where success is just another step towards our goal
  • and failure is simply another opportunity to begin afresh
We Make Students Life Long Learners
To ensure that all students are successful learners, each child is given the flexibility to set his/her own pace.
Learning cannot be forced - we give them an atmosphere where they experiment, learn by doing, participate in discussions and learn to self-assess.
Learning cannot take place in a vacuum - learners need the presence of able mentors to help guide, reassure and motivate.
Learning builds character - learning helps them forge their personality; they learn to be tough, self-reliant and confident.
An Introduction to School
The prospectus is an important source of information and covers everything we have to offer to a prospective parent and student of the school. The prospectus takes you through the school history, its aims and objectives and its role in the community. It throws light on the school hierarchy and introduces you to the policy makers, the school committees and the structure of the Parent-Teacher Association.

School Policy
The prospectus talks about the school code of conduct and school expectations. The school rules and regulations regarding academics, attendance, assessments, discipline, leaves and homework are handled and explained explicitly in the prospectus.

Comprehensive details of the school head (Principal), management, the academic staff and the coordinators are given in the prospectus. Their contact details too are mentioned herein.

The school curriculum, its scope and relevance and our management of it is also clearly laid out in the prospectus. These issues are dealt with in detail, hopefully, to your satisfaction. In case you have any more queries, you may visit us and clarify your apprehensions.
School Infrastructure
The prospectus takes you on a comprehensive tour of what we have to offer to your child in physical terms. You will find detailed information about the classrooms, co-curricular activities, school competitions, school events etc.
Student Safety

Various drills are in place to ensure students are secure and safe at all times. We have covered fire, natural-disasters, medical-emergencies and other extraneous unexpected threats.
Other Sundry Information

The prospectus also contains information regarding procurement of school uniforms, texts, stationary, fee-deposit, bank details, admission and withdrawals as well as other documents etc. required by the school. Manner of fixing appointments with class teachers or other faculty is stated herein. Our school website is user-friendly and accessing information here is a breeze.