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Our Scholarships
As a preferred world school offering the CBSE curriculum, our institution recognizes the importance of value-based education with a multi-pronged approach. Our institution has been bestowed with several international and national awards for achieving academic excellence.
Our institute has raised the levels of participation among learners to greater heights in academics. In order to fulfil this, we often encourage our secondary students to apply for scholarships awarded by the national bodies and state level organisations. Most scholarships awarded by the state and central governments for higher studies are aimed for students from class IX up-until college/university. Even single-girl child scholarships are offered to meritorious female pupils.
CBSE Scholarships
Central Board of Secondary Education awards scholarship to students under several categories. These monetary awards and certifications have been constituted purely on the basis of academic excellence and eligibility criteria. The application forms are thoroughly screened and vetted by the selection committees. The scholarship categories are clearly listed on the CBSE website along with the parameters for eligible applicants.
Academic Scholarships
Our institution has set up a Foundation Scholarship Trust for those learners who achieve over 95% in academics. It is a philanthropic social venture that is open to learners from grade VI onwards, belonging to general, reserved or economically weaker section of our society. The qualifying students receive a cash stipend of Rs 20,000/- annually and also benefit from valuable mentoring and coaching by renowned academicians. At least fifty students each year are endowed with this need-based financial aid.
Our programme also supports meritorious students to pursue higher studies upon completing their higher secondary examination in a stream and institution of their choice. Until now, this funding program has benefitted more than 2,000 students, including 1,000 differently-abled students under a separate category. Nearly half the scholarship recipients have been girls.
It has enabled our students to pursue higher studies in streams such as engineering, medicine, law, pharmacy, science, business management and other social sciences. Today, these scholars have successful careers in some of the best organizations across the world. We always feel humbled that our patronage has helped unleash the potential of the youth to grow into leaders in their respective fields.
Sports Scholarships
Our department of Physical Education and Sports Committee invite applications for Sports Merit Scholarships from students in grades VI to XI. Those players who qualify the criteria set up by the Sports Committee are either awarded free education or a fee concession depending on their parents’ financial capability. They are also provided special/remedial classes during off-season and vacations in order to complete their studies. Most of our athletes and players have benefitted by this scheme. The decision of the school management with regard to grants for scholarships is final and binding in all respects.