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School Appointments

Our School Appointments
Any educational institution is nurtured by collaboration among teachers and parents. We believe that a child's development continues seamlessly in the home environment where the role of parents is immeasurable in encouraging their child and providing support. Consequently, we see our relationship with parents as a healthy, interactive partnership.
Keeping this in mind, our teaching faculty fosters a system through which parents and families collaborate to enhance and empower learners’ innate potential and strengths. It ensures that every student develops the skills and knowledge to pursue a productive and fulfilling life. We further this via various 'programs' through which we connect with parents. For instance, by organizing opportunities and activities for interaction with resource persons, tutors and school counselors; by conducting workshops or open parent interactive sessions; facilitating one-on-one parent-teacher meetings where we inform parents about the wards’ performance and also welcome constructive suggestions and ideas from all parents.

Parents Visiting Time
Parents can set up appointments with subject faculty, class teachers, co-coordinators and the Principal between 10 am-11:30 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday by filling a request form with the front desk executive.

Parents can also choose convenient times to meet with the faculty by sending in their requests to the co-ordinator through an email in order to avoid conflict and to maintain discretion.
Parents may meet our staff after the school at the following time.
To meet Teachers: All days between 03:00 PM and 03:30 PM
To meet Principal: All days between 03:30 PM and 04:30 PM

On-Line Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling
In the beginning of 2015, we will add an innovative online web portal for scheduling parent teacher conferences without tying up valuable school administrative resources.

This system will prove to be convenient, easy and painless for both school administrators and parents. Teachers often appreciate scheduled appointments so that they can prepare for their interactions and have the material that is needed to ensure that each parent meeting is successful. Moreover, parents will also benefit as this will allow better time management and less stress.

Open House Meeting
The Open House is aimed at providing assistance to the parents in monitoring the progress of their wards. Progress reports are available for perusal by the parents on the Open House day as scheduled in the school calendar mentioned in the school diary. The answer sheets will be given to the students after the examination and the parents are expected to go through these and then sign them. Parents’ attendance is compulsory for all Open House Meetings.