Green Castle Smart School

Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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School Assembly

At our institution, we believe that a well-organized assembly establishes a positive tone for teachers and pupils. It encourages community involvement without cutting into precious instructional time. Often the youngest learners and the oldest pupils in a school do not see each other during the day due to their vastly different learning and physical education schedules. It is the morning assembly which brings together the entire school. They are all involved in the same activity and engaging in a shared experience. This daily repetition of sharing builds a common ethos that emphasizes expectations for behaviour, character and celebration of students’ accomplishments. Well planned assemblies contribute greatly to the academic and behavioral excellence.

Assembly Time
At 8:00 am, the children go to assembly. They stand in rows with the youngest children at the front and the older ones at the back.
What Happens in our Assembly?

The daily assembly features English prayer following by Hindi prayer, Gayatri Mantra, pledge, a celebration of birthdays, morning announcements, National Anthem and drill.
Assembly Policy
Our assembly never runs longer than 20 minutes and our administrators follow a detailed plan to avoid time delays. A senior teacher coordinates the assembly, makes other announcements. A five minute silence prior to the start of the assembly sets a positive tone for the day and teaches learners a proper etiquette for community events.
We ensure that our school assembly brings pupils together as a family. It instils a sense of pride and school unity in our learners. Our focus is to acknowledge and honour them for their accomplishments as well as have them actively involved in the running of the assembly. It is not just about the reading of announcements, news, instructions and prayers. Excellent performances by pupils in all activities are showcased during this time and their meritorious efforts are recognized with praise and awards. We often invite expert speakers and distinguished Old Scholars/Alumni to speak at assembly that helps in sensitizing students to the rich culture, history and legacy of the school. They learn collaboration, honesty, respect for self and others, diligence, perseverance, punctuality and the importance of excellence in all school activities. They are given moral and spiritual guidance for everyday life as well as made aware of pressing social issues.