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School Badges

School Badges – A Unique and Vital Feature of the Uniform
Our school’s uniform is a critical feature that characterizes the tenets of the school. We uphold that a formal dress code is congenial to creating a disciplined, proficient and focused learning and working environment that helps our students to consistently strive for brilliance and triumph. The school uniform fosters a heightened sense of union and parity and embodies the school’s values combining modernity and practical style. Even though the winter and summer uniform differ to match the seasons, the school badge and tie are mandatory all through the year.  Details of our school uniform are provided in a separate section on this site and also in the school diary. The badge provides an added sense of identity and comfort letting people know that you are part of the school. When the school badge is worn with pride, it depicts that the wearer is respectful of the school’s rules, guidelines and policies and is happy to be a part of it. The school badge stands for a sense of belonging and keeps all students together to build the school’s repute in the community. The badge is the school’s emblem and must be treated with respect and honour.

Badge Must Be Worn At All Times
The school badge must be worn whenever one is on the school premises. This rule applies to all students, teachers and staff. The school badge is handed over out to the students at the time of admission to ensure that the child can wear it with pride on day one. This emblem is also printed on the school’s diary, notebooks and the school flag. It is expected that students understand the meaning of the insignia and the motto embossed on it. In case students or staff members lose their badge, a new one can be bought from the school’s uniform shop that is run with the help of the Parent’s Association.
Surrendering Of the Badge
In the event that a student or staff member leaves the school, they are required to surrender their badge. Also, when a student completes the number of school years and passes out of school, they would be required to submit the badge. 
Solicit Cooperation from All
We request all parents and guardians to ensure that their child attends school regularly in a neat and tidy uniform complete with the badge. We remind you that as part of admissions process, the signed Home-School Agreement requires both parents and students to obey the school uniform policy and if in doubt on any clause therein, please speak with the Administrative Officer.