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School Enrolment List

The First Big Step
The thought of going to school is the opening up of a whole new world for the child; for the parents too getting admission for their ward is a Herculean task. The number of people seeking admission has increased manifold. Along with this, schools have also mushroomed all over. In spite of this growth, getting admission into an appropriate school needs the backing of umpteen factors. Your enthusiasm and interest is not enough. Besides having the required finances, you should also be able to fulfill the criteria stipulated by the school. Admission is the first step towards enrolment. The very word "enrolment" suggests that after being granted admission, the child is on the school rolls . This actually completes the formality of admission.
Criteria for Enrolment
If admission is being sought for Nursery and Preparatory classes, an important requirement is the age factor. This could vary from school to school. Another important requisite is proof-of-age. This means having a birth certificate. Proof-of-residence is also necessary.
Categories of Enrolment
In our school, enrolment is done for Nursery, Preparatory, Primary and Secondary classes. On the other hand, if a student is leaving one school to join another, a certificate of transfer will be needed to get enrolment in the new school.
The School’s Requirement for Enrolment
All private schools have their own policies for enrolment. Besides proof-of-age and residence, certain schools specify further criteria for admission. At our school, we are particular about the child’s record of vaccination and immunization against specified diseases. To add to this, we also require students to demonstrate their talent in a performing or visual art. To test the basic knowledge and comprehension skills of a child, entrance tests are conducted. For those applying for kindergarten classes, interviews with the parents and their ward are essential. The purpose of this entire exercise is to understand each student, to know about each one’s background and parental involvement.
Confirmation of Enrolment
Once the enrolment form has been filled and the application fee submitted’ the child’s name is brought on the school enrolment list. However, in case of shortage of seats, the name is entered on the waiting list. Enrolment advantage is offered to those with siblings of current or past sessions. Children of staff too are given weight at our school.
Importance of the Enrolment List
At our school, we give a clear cut picture about the number of students in the institution, overall and class wise. For the students seeking admission, it’s a confirmation of their entry into school.