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School Magazine

Necessity of a Magazine

A school is a house full of activities. There is a lot happening in various fields, be it academics, sports, cultural, technocratic or extracurricular. Besides this there are visits of dignitaries and speakers which are covered by school reporters. All these occasions have to be compiled, so that one can go through the events of the year with a flick of the pages. To make this happen, the School Magazine steps in.
The school magazine helps us to know in detail about the various events covered in school during an academic year. It’s a compact collection, giving us an insight into the working of the school.
It’s Compilation

To get the magazine on the roll is no small task. We have a team of teachers on the Editorial Board and the magazine editor. Besides this we have a Student Editorial Board. Every member is assigned the duty of looking after a particular section. There is a special team which is responsible for the pictures and the layout.
The Layout

The magazine is divided into various sections; the idea is that every aspect of school life gets coverage .There is the literary section, whereby students can express their thoughts. There is an academic section, giving an overview of performances in various examinations. We have another section for sports and co-curricular activities. Coverage is also given to performing arts and various associations of the school. Another part of the magazine is related to achievements of the school and the students.
The Message It Conveys
The magazine is an overall picture of the numerous events, happenings, achievements, plans, visits of dignitaries and an expression of the students of the school .It sends forth a message that our school has immense possibilities. It is for you to read and judge what our school is all about. If you are convinced, then its gates are open to welcome you to be a part of the institution.
The Purpose of a School Magazine
Through the magazine, the school is able to reach out to parents, well-wishers and other associates who are interested in the working of the school. The pictures speak for themselves and the activities give you a window to look into all that goes on within the school. Sharing our plans and activities with you helps to create a bond. The school is no more just a school; it becomes “our school”. This strong interaction is a positive step because the school, parents and the students work in unison.