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School Timings

School Timings
Implications of Time
Punctuality is one of the watchwords of a school. It is brought into play by the ‘Time’ factor. Time is the spinning-wheel around which the entire gamuts of school activities revolve.
Ramifications of Time
The time factor spreads out into numerable directions. First and foremost, the time to report to school is in the morning. When school commences, a time slot is allotted for various periods and activities. School routine for the day is brought to a close at a particular time. However, school timings have to be set according to the time of the year. In summer, the sun rises early, the days are longer, thereby school timings are so planned that children get to school early. The closing time of the school is also set accordingly. However in winter, when the sun rises late compared to summer, and the days are chilly, the morning time in our school is extended by half an hour or so.
Timings According To Classes
For Primary classes, school hours are lesser compared to the senior classes. The children are much younger and it is their ability to cope that has to be considered.
Timings Pertaining To Various School Concerns
The principal is the head of the school. As such she has multifarious duties to perform. Therefore she is not accessible all the time. There are specific timings for meeting the principal. The class teacher is the main link between students and parents. To meet her or him, parents have to adhere to the time slot laid down. Besides, this there is also a special day fixed for a meeting between parents and teachers. This falls on the fourth Saturday of every month. The time of the meeting too is fixed. It is usually for two hours. During this time, parents can discuss at length, all that they wish to know about their child’s performance at school.
Exams are conducted according to set schedules. The school fixes the time for conducting various papers according to the classes.
A Break from Books and Studies
As the very word ‘Break’ suggests, students have a respite from studies during recess. This time is laid down. It is a welcome ‘Break’ for all. Students and teachers can relax briefly, have a quick bite to eat or drink before the bell rings to announce that the recess time is over.
Time Is Paramount
The learning process in school covers many fields; therefore it is necessary to have proper timings for all the essentials linked to school. Discipline is the basis for any school to run smoothly and we ensure that time is abided by at all times.