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Science & Eco Club

Science and Eco Club – Our Environment and Us
The environment that our ancestors lived in no longer exists. Industrialisation and modernisation has changed the Earth completely. Although a global environmental movement began a couple of decades ago, this issue has not yet become a worry for the government. Rarely do environmental concerns make the news. But it is a fact that we have reached a point where our actions have to reflect care for environmental consequences. If we continue to stay ignorant, we may do massive and irreversible harm to the planet that our future generations will inhabit. At our school, we believe that with fuller understanding and wiser action, we can achieve an environment that will sustain human needs and hopes. Which is why, through our Science and Eco Club we hope to improve our students’ sensitivity to environmental threats and instil strong conservation values in them.

Environment Quotient  
Our school’s Science and Eco Club was started with the aim of not only educating and raising awareness amongst students about environmental issues, but also to empower members to actively participate in various social activities. Through the club, we have channelized efforts to increase awareness about environmental concerns making eco-friendliness a way of life. Members of our Science and Eco Club are usually hard at work collecting recyclables, maintaining the gardens and even making their own compost. It is a great opportunity for children to develop an interest in all things green, from re-cycling to understanding the importance of biodiversity and eating seasonal, local produce. Club members meet on a weekly basis to plan and discuss current and future projects with staff. Some projects that the Science and Eco Club are involved in include:
Tree plantation camps
The Science and Eco Club successfully planted trees all around our school campus and will continue to plant trees in the surrounding areas. Tree plantation drives are held annually.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
One of the Science and Eco Club’s initiatives is to make people aware of how much waste they generate. Members share tips on how to reduce carbon footprints with other students and the community.
Harvesting and Conservation Campaigns
The Science and Eco Club made huge strides in its effort to increase awareness about water and energy conservation. The school has solar panels installed and students are responsible for switching off equipment and turning off taps when they are not in use.
Noise Pollution Campaigns

Before Diwali, members of the Science and Eco Club organise a rally informing people not to burst crackers and avoid air and noise pollution.
Additional Activities
Additionally, the Science and Eco Club is involved in several educational and fun activities like maintaining the school herb-garden, banner and poster making contests, skits and even pollution check of vehicles.