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Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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Secondary Classes

Secondary Classes VI - X

Building Relationships - Learning to Bond Together
The secondary classes in our school are made up of students from classes 6 to10. Students of this academic block belong in the age group eleven and twelve to fifteen and sixteen. These are the most impressionable years of their lives. They step into class 6 while in their pre-teens, pass through a complex period of physical and psychological growth before they reach Class 10 as young teenagers. They undergo a huge transformation within this short span, both physically and mentally.
Academics - The Need to Excel
The ultimate dream of every parent is to see their child excel in school. This puts an immense pressure on most students. Not all of them are academically inclined. The school believes that we need to imbibe the children with good habits, attitudes and values that will last them a life time. Our pedagogical skills for classes 6-8 are focused on imparting knowledge, its comprehension by the learner and its effective application. Students are given the space to grow at a pace within which they are comfortable and relaxed. The curriculum is flexible at this stage because learning cannot be forced. To be effective, children have to be self-motivated; we give them the confidence to believe in themselves.
Classes 9-10 are more demanding. The academic pressure increases but our children cope well with the challenges. They are older, more mature, focused and are aware of what they want to achieve in life. They learn through discussion, brainstorming, inquiry, analysis and evaluation. The focus of the school is to help children acquire important life skills; encourage them to take their own decisions and learn to stand by them.
All-Round Growth
Co-curricular activities are no longer an option but a part of the curriculum. We offer a wide range of physical activities which include indoor and outdoor sports and it is mandatory for the students to participate in them. Reading and literary clubs introduce students to literature and help hone language skills. Public speaking, debating, declamation and recitation help build confidence. Students are sent for social service and are also associated with organizations that work for uplifting the society.
Parents - Our Backbone
The school would not be able to work without support of the parents. We are committed to the progress and development of the students. It is your trust in us that helps us forge ahead. We understand children and know that it is important to gain their trust so that they respond to us. Students are handled gently because at this juncture of life, they are emotionally vulnerable and seeking adult approval.
“And each agreed that they would have failed if they had worked alone. For behind the parent stood the school and behind the teacher, the home.”- AnonymousSecondary