Green Castle Smart School

Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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Our school invites outstanding resource persons and facilitators from diverse backgrounds to conduct sessions and interactive talks with our pupils. This enables and promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing. We ensure that this connection engages both our faculty and learners.
Seminar on Global Challenges of the 21st Century
This session offers a general introduction to a range of scientific and development challenges of the 21st century. It has been conducted and designed for our post secondary learners and addresses issues of climate change, conservation and urbanization. Each student is challenged to adopt methods (scientific/non-scientific) appropriate to the questions posed in the plenary session.
International Mathematics Challenge
Our school organizes the annual Maths seminar that aims to generate interest in mathematics among primary and secondary students. The theme of this is “Math Alive!” where the use of mathematics in science and everyday life is highlighted.
A mathematics project competition is given to all schools who participate in this endeavour.
 Skills for College
This convention prepares older pupils for the skills they need, to cope with student life at college such as, study skills, time management, self- motivation (yes, you have to go to your morning lecture!) managing finances, maintaining a healthy lifestyle on a budget, as well as, writing perfect personal statements.
Leadership Act
Be more than boss, be a leader! We show pupils how to balance the tight-rope of diplomacy, negotiation and conflict-resolution in our fast paced world.
Enterprise Education

This nurses the budding entrepreneur in our learners by testing their problem solving and initiative skills. It shows them how to turn an idea into a business.
Gadgets Galore

This is mainly a science oriented symposium in which our institution collaborates with national scientific laboratories. Various teams construct a complex machine (the Amazing Machine) that performs a seemingly simple task in as many steps as possible. Teams are usually judged on their creativity and the incorporation of scientific concepts.
Sustainable Development Youth Convention

This is a student-initiated event that aims to raise awareness of social, economic, political and environmental issues revolving around the central theme of sustainable development. This convention brings together many secondary participants from various schools and provides a platform to raise their concerns and share their insights. Participants are often exposed and encouraged to ponder about the interplay between scientific developments and public policy.
Working Science Seminar

It provides innovating and exciting science activities for primary learners. Our aim is to excite and engage children with the wonder of science through hands-on science investigations and demonstrations. This allows all pupils to engage in scientific investigations to stimulate questioning and kinaesthetic learning.
Lifelong Learning Seminar

Times have changed. Our young people now face an increasingly competitive job market. Whatever they choose to do with their future, we want them to succeed. So we have collaborated with industry – leading business men and women to create lifelong learning sessions. These help learners become the candidate employers’ want with our practical facilitation on employability skills. They learn to write eye-catching CVs, develop interview techniques, communication and leadership skills.